Kazakhstan Souvenirs

Chocolates Of Astana

The chocolate factory Rakhat is one of the oldest factories that make different types of sweets. The sweets produced are in the form of chocolate bars wrapped in paper for gifts.

Visitors love these chocolates and buy for their friends and family. The chocolates are available in almost every supermarket and marked stores all over Kazakhstan.

Shi Bauyrsak, Semipalatinsk

Shi Bauyrsak is one of the gastronomic businesses of Semipalatinsk. Bauyrsaks are cakes which are very small, and crisp. You can find these cakes in two shapes- round and oval. The cakes are available in almost every shop or market of the bakery department.

Products Empire

In Kazakhstan, you find a variety of dishes, male and female accessories, decorative items and premium-class desktop accessories in national style. The Empire brand products are most suited as gifts for business associates.

National Apparels

In Kazakhstan, you can find diversity in clothing for women as well as men. You can see clothes like “Kupe” a warm women’s clothing typically made of fox fur, “Saukele” a cone-shaped wedding hat, “Chapman” a bulky long dressing gown, and many more.

Toys “Bal-Bala”

Bal-Bala is a unique toy- That usually depicts models of Kazakh folklore characters, such as TazshaBala, Er-Tostik, Aldar-Kose and real people, known to all Kazakh people.

Honey From A Camel’s Thorn, Shymkent

Honey from a camel’s spine is the chief wealth of Southern Kazakhstan. The product has valuable health benefits and especially relished by foreign visitors.


Dombra is an antique musical instrument of akyns or poets consisting of frets and two strings usually decorated with Kazakh traditional ornaments. Dombra produces a soft and melodic sound.

Caviar From Fish Factory Caspian Royal Fish, Atyrau

Caviar is the first fish farm in western Kazakhstan, popular for its seafood. The fish factory is involved in the breeding of starlets for production of black caviar.

Souvenir is the chief activity of the souvenir shop is the sale of souvenirs and gifts in ethnic style. There are leather products, felt products, metal products, wood products, porcelain, national clothes, jewellery, weapons, paintings, musical instruments, toys.

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