Kazakhstan Tourism

Kazakhstan is known for its lovely and astounding places, but its capital city, Astana, is making waves with a surrealist skyline. The skies of the country are full of sparkle with obscurely-tilted glass and with twisted gold towers.

Religious Tourism

Hazrat Sultan Mosque :

It is the most attractive place in Kazakhstan. It is the largest Mosque in Kazakhstan and in Central Asia, this mosque is located on the northern side of the Independence Square.

Historical Tourism

New National Museum of Kazakhstan :

It is huge National Museum with modern gaudy effects. It is situated next to the Palace of Independence. It was inaugurated in July 2014.

Atameken Map of Kazakhstan :

The beauty of this place is an outdoor museum giving you an overview of the entire country in a miniature version.

Sisem-Ata :

It is a scared historical site visit in Aktau. It is far away from the center of Aktau.

Shevchenko Monument :

The monument needs to be the first point of place for you to visit while in the city area. It is a huge monument of a man sitting on a platform, after all, it is a popular Shevchenko Monument in Aktau.

Nature Tourism

Mountain-piala Sherkala :

Aktau has its own mountain canyons known as Sherkala. It looks more like a Hidden Beast but is also resembles a bowl and a tent. You can feel yourself standing on top of the world while at Sherkal.

Dendro Park :

Dendro park is Located near Shymkent’s in northern border. This Park is very huge in size with several kinds of trees, the artificial river, a lake replete with a bridge and swans.

Fountains of Almaty

You can visit the amusement park and café and before calling it a day do not forget to take a selfie in front of a Fountain.

Leisure Tourism

Khan Shatyr :

It is a giant transparent ten, big enough to hold 10,000 people. It is an elliptical base which contains shopping malls, park and entertainment area with squares and cobbled streets, a boating river, etc.

Aktau Beach :

It is hard to find such a magnificent beach in Kazakhstan but you will be glad as there is one. This beach has both rocky hills and sandy beaches along the seaside. There are also several modern resorts on the coast to the south of the city.

Cultural Tourism

Baiterek Tower :

The tower personifies Kazakh people viewpoint and their works in this universe. At the depth of 4.5 meters, there is the lower level housing café. The place itself is a capital figure of the city.

Night at the Opera

You would unquestionably like to experience one of the most entertaining night at the opera. This place also bids the occasion to see somewhat you might not have to get at the Royal Opera House.


The house is kind of curved, Astana’s catch-all Palace of the Arts, which involves a school of excellent designs, performance spaces and a library and lecture and exhibition halls. The Shabyt’s appearance has led some people to call it the Dog Bowl.

Kazakh Eli monument :

Kazakh Eli is situated next to the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in the center of the Independence Square. It is about 100 meters tall. The monument is made from white marble and surrounded by a beautiful fountain.

Ak Orda :

It took 3 years to create this top public official residence using all latest technologies. The building height is around 80 meters, where the ground floor amounts to 10 m.

Shabyt Palace of Creativity :

Shabyt is a palace of arts situated in the north of Kazakh Eli monument. It is a blue dish like building made up of glass.

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