Kazakhstan Travel

Being the ninth largest country, it has one of the most unique geographies in the world. It is a huge state full of natural sites that will definitely fill your mind with lots of memories. Kazakhstan’s historical landscape is kind of interesting, and that’s why most of the people travel Kazakhstan to see its beauty and uniqueness.

There is something mysterious which attracts people to see the massive plains and the beautiful mountains. If you are planning to visit the country, then you have to think about when to visit Kazakhstan, so that you can plan your journey accordingly!

What is the best time to visit Kazakhstan ?

Best time to visit Kazakhstan is from July – August when the climate is perfect throughout the country. Most of the visitors visit this country in this period of time because this is the peak season and the best time for hikers to visit.

Visas In Kazakhstan-

While visas are still required, visitors from many countries in western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand no longer need letters of invitation (LOIs) to get a one-month single-entry tourist visa.

Kazakhstan Cuisines-

Almost in any restaurant, you can try popular sturgeon shashlik, skewers cooked on an extensive fire or grill. In the markets, you will see many strange items, such as kazy-a traditional Kazakh sausage, made of specially prepared horse meat. This dish is a common element of the festive table, also called Dastarkhan.

People living here also have their gardens on the outskirts of the town, where they grow strawberries and veggies. The Caspian Sea is always been recognized for black caviar and sturgeon fish.

Best savory dishes to taste at Kazakhstan like, El Dorado serves a variety of food from pizza to salads, and it is another popular place in this city. You will get to see a spread of food, there starting from contemporary salads to pizza pie and a lot more savory dishes.

Kazakhstan hospitality-

The nomadic way of life did not allow themselves to the development of architectural monuments, and thus Central Asia’s ancient cultural centers, full of architectural beauty, were located in the south of Kazakh lands. Kazakhstan cultural tours combine familiarization with Kazakh nomadic customs, cuisine, creations.

During your journey, you will be accompanied by qualified tour leaders guides who will take responsibility not only about exciting travel program but also about your comfort.

You can go for a trip or hike in spectacular places, music shows, images of hunting with birds of prey, supervised tours to the rock paintings of archaic people, and more.

Travelling through the country-

In Kazakhstan, you can book a taxi by your phone for your travel and also you can book a taxi through the mobile applications, or hail it on the street.The Kazakhstan border is known for the taxi rides with the beautiful sceneries in its backdrop.

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