Official Holidays In Uzbekistan

The mystery country of Uzbekistan which often baffles tourists with its sheer number of architectural monuments and diversity enjoys seven public holidays gazetted by the Uzbek government. Besides that, it also celebrates two international holidays and two separate Islamic holidays. So in total there are 11 occasions celebrated in Uzbekistan and are deemed holidays. It’s better to have the knowledge of these holidays prior to visiting Uzbekistan to avoid any form of nuances or trouble.

New Years Day (1st January)

As is the case all over the world, this day marks the beginning of a new year and is too celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and cheerfulness in Uzbekistan. It is a national holiday and concerts, functions, competitions, and raffles are organized in every corner of the country.

Day Of Defenders Of The Motherland (14th January)

This holiday is dedicated to all the brave men of Uzbekistan who sacrificed their life for the motherland and are continuously devoted to the betterment of it.

International Women’s Day (8th March)

Women’s Day which is observed internationally for women’s rights is celebrated in Uzbekistan too where men congratulate and thank their wives, female friends, daughters, mothers, and other women for their contribution to the society as a whole.

Navruz, Norwuz (21st March)

Known as the Iranian or Persian New Year, it is one of the most treasured and widely observed holidays in Uzbekistan. It also marks the start of spring and first day in the Iranian calendar.

Memory And Honor Day (9th May)

On this day all Uzbek people congratulate and thank the veterans of their country who contributed to the development and prosperity of it.

Day Of Remembrance Of The Victims Of Political Repression (31st August)

It is a day for remembering the compatriots, fighters, and victims of the political repression that plagued the country since it was under Russian rule.

Independence Day (1st September)

Probably the most important public holiday of any country, it marks Republic of Uzbekistan as a separate independent state. It is celebrated throughout the country with utter patriotism.

Teacher’s Day (1st October)

Devoted to all the teachers around the world, this day is observed in Uzbekistan to hail all the teachers, mentors, and coaches who shape and guide the next generation of citizens with their own invaluable knowledge.

Constitution Day (8th December)

This day is remembered in Uzbekistan to mark the adoption of a new law form of the country which was adopted in December 8, 1992. Being a holiday of national significance, the streets and squares are decorated with Uzbekistan cultural marks and flags followed by national anthems and shows.

Ramadan Khait (Eid Al-Fitr)

It is one of the most important religious festivals observed in Islamic world and celebrated on the very first day of the month of Shawwal and ends the month-long fasting that’s observed during Ramadan.

KurbanKhait (Eid Al-Adha)

It is also known as “The Sacrifice Feast” or “Feast of the Sacrifice” and one of the two Islamic holidays celebrated in Uzbekistan. In the holy book of Hadith, the days till KurbanKhait runs are considered the holiest days in the Islamic Calendar. As per the belief, these days honor the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham), the messenger of God, to sacrifice his son abiding by God’s command.

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