Kyrgyzstan Leisure

Be it a shopping drive or a family dinner, Kyrgyzstan doesn’t dissapoint its visitors.

From bazaars to national parks, beer stations to beautiful valleys, Kyrgyzstan offers a whole package of both-fun and leisure moments. Here’s a list of Kyrgyzstan leisure spots and must visits while in Kyrgyzstan.

Relish And Explore Osh’s Jayma Bazaar

The winding lanes of the Jayma Bazaar, the 2000-year old marketplace is the heart of the city’s trading centre. The Jayma Bazaar fulfils your wish of nuts, spices and dry fruits. The picturesque quaint tile work at the entrance of the Bazaar with Cyrillic lettering is one of the largest in Central Asia.

Visit The Osh Animal Market

The local tradition of livestock can be viewed in the Osh Animal Market. Donkeys, horses, Sheep and cattle flock several times in a day.

Antique Shop

It is almost a museum with all the items they have. You can find pins, patches, postcards, uniforms, and more from the Soviet Era, but the most attractive piece of antiques were the old cameras.

Reina Kench

Slightly classier than the competition – the modern styling complements an English menu with a wide range of usually reliable options.

Sadly the summer terrace has a barbeque but not beer, which would make it a perfect place to linger on warm summer nights.

Rukh Ordo

Lying on the shoreline of Lake Issyk Kul, Rukh Ordo in the city of Cholpon-Ata is a cultural centre that is dedicated to five major religions of the world- Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism and Orthodox Christianity. The cultural centre and museum was a briefing place for interreligious peace and understanding.

Entrance ticket: 400 soum per person ~2 hours

Open: 9 am to 5 pm.

The Ferris Wheel

The sixteen-minute Ferris wheel ride gives enough time to admire the Issyk Kul lake and the mountains in the backdrop. The Ferris wheel lies on the waterfront beyond Cholpon-Ata’s best hotel- the Dolphin Hotel.


The supermarket sells a wide variety of canned and packaged goods and also has a decent collection of drinks and snacks suitable for a self-catered beach picnic with family and friends. Narodni lies in the nub of the town and is an excellent place for vacation shoppers.

Explore The Bishkek Parks-

The Erkindik Park

Prevalent with local people, particularly on the weekend, you’ll discover this stop fixed with trees beguiling all day. It has a tendency to be calmer in the mornings and busier in the dawn and early night.

The Oak Park & Panfilov Park (Панфилов көчөсү – улица Панфилова)

Visit the Oak Park which is full of peculiar sculptures and offers a nice green escape. Lastly, there’s Panfilov Park, where you will find all types of carnival rides right in the core of Bishkek.

Chill out at the Craft Beer Scene

You can enjoy the casual atmosphere and company of others when things get dark in the city.

Bokonbayevo Festivals

Bokonbayevo entertains Kyrgyzstan’s biggest ‘Birds of Prey Festival’ every summer. Falconers demonstrate hunting techniques for different types of hawks, eagles and falcons and for big and small games with complete expertise and experience. Demonstrations and hunts for visitors is what attracts people to visit the festival.

The festival also hosts felt artisans, carpet weavers, talented performers, expert riders and master chefs. You can buy souvenirs, enjoy dance and music, cheer on horse games and races, see how handicrafts are made and taste the best of local dishes.

Ala-Too Square

The Central Plaza in Bishkek, constructed-in 1984 to praise the 60th commemoration of the Kyrgyz Soviet Social Republic is one of the city’s significant landmarks possessing plenty of benches in the sitting area and fountains where you can enjoy a fast reprieve.

Uzgen Bazaar (Market)

Ask a nearby senior and he’ll disclose to you about the area, customs, and soul of this bazaar have all stayed unaltered for over 100 years. This is the focal point of life in Uzgen – you’ll discover local people tattling as they purchase their fruits and vegetables. It makes for a fun meander and a brilliant, moderate place to stock up on dried foods grown from the ground in case you’re heading soon on a trek.

It’s additionally a phenomenal place to stock up on a few flavours as a souvenir. There is additionally a fun creature showcase only outside of town each Monday morning.

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