Kyrgyzstan Museums

Along the ancient Silk Roads between China and the Mediterranean lies Kyrgyzstan, a rugged Central Asian country grounds to the Tian Shan mountains surrounding the old caravan route that dominates the country.

Home to animals like lynx, snow leopards and sheep the southern part of the country has a huge bazaar, once a stop on the Silk Road. There is a lot to see and explore when in Kyrgyzstan especially the ancient sites and the museums of the country. Here’s a list of Kyrgyzstan museums.

Karakol History Museum

Situated in a normal Russian home from the 1880s, this exhibition hall/museum has antiquities, local gears, and melodic instruments. Tragically, the main part of the gallery that is in English, is a zone showing the photography of Swiss voyager Ella Maillart.

Ella visited in 1932 and portrays an interesting and unique picture that day and age.

Przhevalsky Museum

Nikolay Przhervalsky was a well known Russian traveller that made a few excursions in Central Asia. The garden and historical centre are committed to his movements. Most of the displays are in English yet you’ll require a guide in the event that you need to get a full understanding.

The Historic Bathhouse

Bathhouse culture remains a custom crosswise over Central Asia. The bathhouse in Uzgen now also a museum offers a great, historical look to take a gander at a delightfully planned structure that you can meander through and still use right up ’til the present time.

Blocks found in its divider date to the eleventh and twelfth hundreds of years, and you can even now appreciate the distinct archways and corridors driving between the steam and washing rooms.

Uzgen Archaeological-Architectural Museum Complex

The exhibition hall, minaret, and catacomb complex all stay in a decent shape. The three-tomb complex is illustrative of the eleventh and twelfth-century Karakhanid Dynasty structures and design, and housed individuals from the Karakhanid Dynasty.

The minaret was harmed in a seismic tremor in the mid-twentieth century but was reconstructed in 1923 to its present stature. It’s conceivable to move to the highest point of the minaret as an overlook for the town of Uzgen.

On crisp mornings there is a view of the snow-shrouded Pamir Mountains out yonder. The on-site historical museum has some signage in English and is worth visiting. There is likewise an English-talking guide accessible, however, earlier reserving is advised.

Bokonbayevo Museum

Located next to the war memorial in the town centre the Bokonbaeva Museum has a collection of paintings by local artists depicting eagle hunters, maraschino and other local landscapes creatively composed onto oddly shaped stones.

The Nomad Museum

The Nomad museum is a well curated and perfectly displayed art and artefact exhibition. The exhibition displays traditional Kyrgyz clothing, culture and history in the yurt inspired airy-space of the museum.

The museum has separate space for all the Turkic nomadic cultures. The museum lies on the outskirts of the Chon-Sary-Oi village that is 15 km to the west of the Cholpon Ata bus station.

The Regional Museum of Cholpon Ata

The museum contains copies of locally found Saka or Scythian gold jewellery, Kyrgyz bards, underwater archaeology, displays on ethnography, textiles and a 3D model of The Issyk-Kol showing how very deep the lake bottom is.

There is a lot to do in the country that does not include sightseeing but includes enjoying and informative visit.

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