Kyrgyzstan Vicinity

Kyrgyzstan shares borders with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China and Tajikistan.

Some of the places on Kyrgyzstan vicinity include –
  • Aisha Bibi
  • Sypatai Batyr
  • Kordai
  • Karkara Valley
  • Torugart Pass
  • Irkeshtam Pass
  • Kyzylart
  • Karamyk – Jirgital
  • Kulundu
  • Batken – Isfara
  • Dostyk
  • Uchkurgan
Karkara valley (Kegen – Tup/Kensu)

The Karkara Valley creates a scenic crossing at the Kyrgyzstan borders and is one of the most convenient ways to cross the country with beautiful spots like the Charyn Canyon and Kolsai Lakes on theAlmaty to Karakol way. The only drawback on this route is the lack of public transport. Tourists reach out to the valley on their own private vehicle. The Karkara valley crossing is accesible only in the summer days, in the months between mid-May to end of October, from 9 am to 6 pm.


It is a well known hiking path from the city of Almaty to Issyk Kul. Alatau was once on the top of the hiking trail list. However, in the present day, the hike route is not open to tourists or even the locals.

Kulundu – Ovchi Kalacha

The first valid multilateral border crossing at the Isfana crossing. You will find the multilateral border, which is much busier at some distance from the bilateral pathway.

Charyn National Park

Charyn National Park in Kazakhstan stretches along the Sharyn River, including Charyn Canyon. Charyn National Natural Park was created to preserve natural landscapes, that have ecological, historical and aesthetic values. The park has many marked territories that form the Sharyn River valley.

Apart from unique natural objects and complexes, the park has historical and cultural heritage sites like burial grounds and barrows.

Relic forest :

The Relic forests lie under the umbrage of the canyon rocks and the Sogdian Ash Tree. Gazelles can be found running here and there in the rich habitat.

These forests have dense growths of trees like the willow, poplar, and barberry.

Valley of Castles.

The Valley of the Castles takes its name from the shapes of the rock formations in a small side canyon off the main Sharyn River course, with views out to the main canyon. The rich flora and fauna of the region describe the variety in the canyon landscape.

You get to see1500 species of plants, 62 different species of mammals, 100 varieties in birds and around 25 different reptiles.

The Pamir Highway- Kazakhstan crossroads

The “Roof Of The World” as it is known to the Pamiris or Bami-Dunya or the Pamir Highway is said to be the mother of all road trips. One of the world’s grandest and most magnificent adventures whether you drive it or cycle it, the Pamir Highway is surely not going to disappoint you.

The highway offers its visitors high altitude mountain passes dotted with Kyrgyz yurt camps and Pamiri settlements that are surrounded by icy mountain peaks.

Apart from the beautiful backdrop, there are amazing side trips that you can take from the Pamir Highway. The list mentions a few of them-

Kyzylart – Bor Dobo

Broken windows, repurposed oil tanks, ravaged offices and lack of dress code on the Tajik side can be seen on the Kyzylart-Bor Dobo not far from the land of Tajikistan on the roads of Sary Tash to Murgab straight out of Mad Max.

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