What should a tourist take with him to Kyrgyzstan?

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Traveling to Kyrgyzstan is one of the most incredible things that can happen to a tourist. But even such a fascinating trip can turn into a headache if you do not take a responsible approach to collecting luggage.

With the documents and money for vacationers everything is more or less clear: these are the main “companions”, so they certainly can’t be forgotten. But what about clothes, accessories and other attributes of beauty and comfort? Going to Kyrgyzstan, we recommend to take with you:

  • appropriate clothing. The thought is trivial, but not every traveler fully understands what is appropriate clothing for the occasion. The closet will depend on which part of Kyrgyzstan the tourist is going to go to. Vietnams, tops and shorts are good for walking around town, but will be out of place in a temple or mountain hike. To visit a mosque you need a long skirt and headscarf (and men should forget about shorts). And when packing your closet in the mountains you should remember the rule: “The brighter and warmer the better. This is a good mood, and the probability that you won’t get lost and won’t freeze;
  • hat. And again you should remember that it must fit the situation and the season. Winters in Kyrgyzstan are not harsh, but for hiking in the mountains you will need a very warm hat. And in summer anywhere in Kyrgyzstan will be difficult without a cap or panama. In the off-season, a hat is more of a stylish accessory, but it can also save you from sudden gusts of wind and rain;
  • Products to combat the sun and rain. All people are divided into two categories: some love summer and scorching sun (they are much more), and the latter are romantics who prefer the cold and damp. However, both will need sunscreen milk and an umbrella when traveling in Kyrgyzstan. Milk can also be used in winter (Kyrgyzstan has very sunny winters), and it goes well with traditional makeup. If you do not like umbrellas, choose raincoats, anoraks, or waterproof hoods: romance is romance, but spending the weekend in a hotel, not in the mountains, is not a rosy prospect.

When the suitcase is packed, be sure to take a camera or phone, which will allow you to make rich pictures: and friends will brag, and you will not forget about the trip. When booking tours with Minzifa Travel you can ask us any questions. Always waiting for you on WhatsApp, e-mail travel@minzifatravel.com.

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