What a tourist should take with him to Uzbekistan?

We can remind you of the hospitality of the inhabitants of Uzbekistan to infinity

In the pursuit of vivid impressions and new emotions it is not necessary to cross the entire globe. It is enough to go to Uzbekistan, a country where there is no language barrier and huge prices for tickets and entertainment, but there is delicious food and unforgettable hospitality.

Despite the fact that in the Republic of Uzbekistan tourists can easily feel “at home”, you should prepare for the trip. In the Asian country vacationers will definitely need it:

  • headgear. Regardless of what time of year you are going to Uzbekistan, it is not superfluous to bring the appropriate headgear. In summer – a cap, in winter – a warm hat, in the off-season – a cap, scarf or hooded hoodie. Then you can not be afraid of the bright sun, frost and wind;
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses. You can “get burnt” in the sun not only in July. And since the country is famous for high temperatures and an overabundance of sunny days, means to combat the sun are just useful;
  • comfortable shoes. Most of the tours by Minzifa Travel include long walks. That is why it is better to leave high heels at home. Sneakers, sneakers, sandals, boots – shoes should not only be practical, but also in season;
  • outerwear. In winter in Uzbekistan, no tourist will not come without a warm jacket and coat. However, many vacationers forget that in the summer time may come in handy lightweight, but still outerwear. Thin-knit cardigan, trench coat, jacket, windbreaker, denim bomber – and you can safely walk in any weather;
  • rain protection. Walking in the rain – it’s romantic, but going on a trip to Central Asia it is better to take an umbrella or a raincoat. Such an accessory will save you from colds and help you save your hair for the long-awaited photo shoot against the background of the main sights;
  • Closed clothes. In Uzbekistan there is no strict dress code, and locals are loyal to tourists in shorts and short tops. The only exception is visiting religious shrines. If you plan to visit a mosque and mausoleum (and to come to the Uzbek state and not go to the mosque is simply impossible), be sure to take a long skirt and scarf for women, and pants (not breeches) for men.

We can remind you of the hospitality of the inhabitants of Uzbekistan to infinity. So if you forget something at home, do not worry: everything can always be purchased upon arrival in the country. When booking Minzifa Travel tours we will consult you again about the “luggage” and answer all your questions. Always happy to read and hear from you on WhatsApp, e-mail travel@minzifatravel.com.

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