What is definitely worth a tourist to try in Kyrgyzstan?

What is definitely worth a tourist to try in Kyrgyzstan

To enjoy the main dishes of Kyrgyzstan, it is not necessary to go on a special gastronomic tour. Kyrgyzstan is a country of delicious, flavorful and nutritious food, so even the most standard trip is not without a visit to local restaurants and cafes.

On arrival in the Asian state vacationers should definitely try:

  • Beshbarmak is the most famous Kyrgyz dish, which was once invented by nomads. In general, most of the dishes of Kyrgyzstan consist of meat: it is not for nothing that the locals are engaged in cattle breeding. The name of the dish translates as “five fingers” because it is commonly eaten with the hands. It is usually cooked from lamb, beef or horse meat on major holidays;
  • ashlyam-fu is the most “popular” dish of Kyrgyzstan. It is offered to tourists first of all because of its exotic name. This cold soup has been prepared since the 18th century by adding noodles, meat, and vegetable broth. If desired, you can add oriental pepper spice or chopped herbs to the soup. Aschlam-fu is usually accompanied by a potato pie;
  • Tash-Kordo is one of the first national Kyrgyz dishes. The name translates as “stone food”: this is the way the dish was originally prepared. While there was no crockery, nomads had to dig a hole, build a fire and put meat into a ram’s stomach: all they had to do was to cover it with leaves and cover it with earth. The meat was left clean and cooked for 6 hours. Now tash kordo is a Kyrgyz delicacy: it is cooked using the traditional method and in the oven;
  • shishkebek – liver shish kebab. The first mentions of it date back to the VIII century. The secret of delicious shishkebek is a lot of pickled onions. If possible, the shishkebek should be fried on the wood of raspberries and grapes. If not, apricot, cherry, and oak will do. The main thing is not to use wood from coniferous trees and often turn the skewers;
  • Maksym is “liquid bread”, which is actually a drink. The dish is hearty, so it quenches the thirst and hunger. It is not only tasty, but also a healthy dish: it reduces cholesterol, improves digestion, strengthens blood vessels.

Kyrgyz dishes are also cooked in other countries, but only here tourists can enjoy both the taste and the unforgettable atmosphere. Visiting local restaurants is an important part of Minzifa Travel tours. For reservations, contact WhatsApp, email travel@minzifatravel.com. And bon appétit in advance!

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