What is definitely worth a tourist to try in Uzbekistan?


It is hard to imagine a more suitable country for gastronomic tourism than Uzbekistan. Diverse recipes, rich taste and rich aroma – in the Asian country tourists will be convinced that food is not eaten, it is enjoyed:

  • plov. It is not just a national dish of the state, it is an intangible heritage of UNESCO. Each region cooks plov according to a special recipe, so the gastronomic “plov” tour can last more than one day. With horsemeat sausage or quail eggs, raisins or peas, each tourist can find his own special recipe;
  • shashlik. The secret of the Uzbek kebab is the use of fruity firewood, fatty lard and marinade. The national dish is usually served with pickled onions;
  • manty. Classical stuffing for manty is chopped beef or lamb, less often Uzbeks cook manty from potato and pumpkin. In any cafe tourists are served kaimak together with the dish;
  • khanum. Like manty, this dish is prepared by steaming. But khanum is a roll made of onions and potatoes, sometimes pumpkin is added to it. Khanum is usually served with tomato sauce;
  • samsa. This is the most common Uzbek fast food, which is not only tasty, but also hearty. Samsa is always cooked in a tandoor, but the filling is different every time – sweet jam, peas, cheese, chicken, herbs;
  • tukhum barak. This dish is often called Uzbek philosophy, but it tastes like dumplings with egg stuffing;
  • mashhurda. This is one of the most filling dishes of Uzbekistan, which combines both first and second course. Mashhurda is served with greens and sour cream;
  • dolma is a dolma that is made by mincing beef wrapped in grapevine leaves. Dolma will taste even better if left to infuse for a while before serving;
  • lagman – a traditional noodle soup. In addition to meat and dough, the soup contains many vegetables and spices: bell peppers, herbs, potatoes, onions, carrots. Genuine Uzbek lagman is made only from homemade noodles;
  • halva – the most popular sweet of Uzbekistan. Halva is treated to the dearest guests, and it is what tourists bring back from their travels. Everyone has tasted halva, but in Uzbekistan it is prepared according to a variety of recipes – peanut, sesame, butter.

Upon arrival in the Republic of Uzbekistan vacationers will have to decide only one question: “With what dish to start a gastronomic acquaintance with the country? We suggest not to limit yourself and try all the delights, which can surprise the Asian state. Minzifa Travel will be happy to pick for you a tour in which you will be able to taste the main flavors of Uzbekistan. Always happy to hear and read you on WhatsApp, e-mail travel@minzifatravel.com.

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