Hotels in Uzbekistan – how to choose a good one?

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Uzbekistan is a hospitable country, and expensive guests should stay in the best conditions. Here is what you should remember when choosing a hotel in an Asian country: the risk that you will not like the hotel is minimal.

And yet, in order to rest was not spoiled by the choice of the “wrong” hotel, it is useful to know that:

  • Hotels in Uzbekistan are rated according to the same five-star system as the accommodation facilities around the world. However, due to the peculiarities of the country, the stardom of Uzbek hotels does not always meet the European standards. If you want the most real five-star hotel, book a room at a chain hotel. Do not forget that Uzbekistan is first of all colour and authentic environment, so not quite standard hotel can bring a lot of positive and unforgettable emotions;
  • In almost all hotel complexes of the Asian country breakfast is included in the accommodation price. This applies to both the cheapest guest houses and five-star hotels. So tourists do not have to think about organizing the first meal;
  • Hotels in Uzbekistan – a unique combination of high service and oriental hospitality. Hotel staff speaks both Russian and English, promptly responds to any guest’s request and respects subordination. And even in a chain hotel a guest is sure to be offered tea and a break from the road, not because of “service”, but because of the “dear guest”;
  • not all settlements in Uzbekistan have modern hotel complexes. If you come to Tashkent or Samarkand, you can count on high service. But if you find yourself in a guesthouse or a yurt in the mountains, bet on a friendly attitude;
  • Almost all hotels in the country are located in picturesque areas or economic centers. And this means that whatever hotel you choose, you can be sure that you will not have any difficulties with the location – all attractions are usually within walking distance;
  • In the hotels of Uzbekistan, even if you want it is difficult to find dirt. The stardom does not affect cleanliness: no dust, no dirt, no washed sheets. 
  •  Choosing a hotel in Uzbekistan, the traveler must answer a few basic questions: “What city do I want to stay in?”, “What sights are of particular interest to me?”, “How much am I willing to spend on accommodation?”. Then it is important to think about what type of vacation you are aiming for – recreational, mountainous, cultural: the choice of hotel will also depend on this criterion. When booking a room, keep in mind:
  • The interior of most of the Uzbek hotels is not without Oriental colors: gilded details, carpets, moldings, variegated textiles. If you are not ready for such decoration choose chain hotels or rooms with laconic furnishings;
  • Accommodation prices are quoted in both dollars and sons: it is cheaper to pay in local currency;
  • booking a hotel in Uzbekistan will not be difficult – there are no special rules. It is enough to go to the website to search for accommodation and choose any option you like.

An important part of Minzifa Travel tours is hotel accommodation. We are well aware that a hotel for tourists is not only a place where they rest and sleep, but also an additional opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the country. Therefore we include only the best hotels with the most comfortable rooms. For tour bookings, please contact Minzifa Travel on WhatsApp, e-mail We will be happy to find you not only a hotel, but also an exciting tour for the most fulfilling travels!

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