Rest in Samarkand – the most ancient city of Central Asia


Samarkand is a jewel box filled with unique sights. The city has a fantastic atmosphere thanks to its incredible views, national cuisine establishments and hospitable locals.

Samarkand is the same age as Ancient Rome, so no one can doubt that its expanses really have something to tell its guests.

The walls of ancient buildings are filled with the spirit of history, making it easy to go back several thousand years. If you are planning a vacation in Samarkand, we would love to invite you to take a tour or an excursion with us. With our Minzifa travel team you can get acquainted with the main sights and learn the history of this ancient city in just a few hours.

A rich recreation in Samarkand and an introduction to the main values of the city

Thanks to its architectural structures and amazing history, Samarkand has become a favorite city for tourists. It is called an open-air museum because it has many unique exhibits in the form of madrassahs, mosques and mausoleums. Architectural monuments are in the UNESCO list called “Samarkand – Crossroad of Cultures”.

If you plan a vacation in Samarkand in 2022, you will see with their own eyes everything that attracts tourists from all over the world.

  1. The pearl of Central Asia and the heart of the city is Registan Square, where there are three madrassahs with turquoise-colored domes and mosaics.
  2. the masterpiece of Persian architecture is the Gur-Emir Mausoleum or the family tomb of Tamerlane and his children. It amazes with its interior decoration and architecture.
  3. The largest mosque Bibi-Hanym is a complex with walls of grandiose height and blue domes.
  4. Ruhabat Tomb, devoid of exterior and interior decoration, but striking in its grandeur.
  5. An important observatory of the Middle Ages is the Ulugbek Observatory located on the Kuhak Hill.

Rest in Samarkand 2022 will not do without a visit to the famous Sieb Bazaar, where you can buy fruit, dried fruits, real oriental sweets, silk clothes, skullcaps and various ornaments. Therefore, when planning a trip, be sure to take some money with you to buy gifts for your family and friends, and indulge yourself with the famous Samarkand lepeshkas.

How to go on vacation in Samarkand

Planning a trip to sunny Uzbekistan? We will be very happy to help you choose a tour or an excursion program to get acquainted with the centuries-old architecture and take a lot of beautiful pictures. Interested in prices for holidays in Samarkand? Leave a request on the web-site or write in the online manager to specify the price and book the appropriate tour. We will be glad to help you to choose the best program for your trip to the oriental fairytale.
Make for yourself an unforgettable vacation in Samarkand, to get not only a charge of energy, but also a lot of impressions, which will remain in the memory for a long time. Get ready to walk a lot and admire, because in this city every meter is represented by amazing monuments of architecture. Read reviews of holidays in Samarkand from our travelers to make sure that such a trip is worth your time and finances.

Samarkand is the place where illustrations of the fairy tales “One Thousand and One Nights” come to life. Feel yourself the hero of this story!

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