Tajikistan Airways

The Tajikistan aviation sector is striving today beneath a very restrictive and conditioned air transport policy. Due to this, the economy of the country has been deprived of the benefits of connectivity, such as technology transfer, trade and travel. However, safety has always been the highest priority.

History Of Tajikistan Airways

Tajikistan through its national Air Carrier called the Tajik Air, made a striking effort at operating flights between its capital city Dushanbe and London, in the year 1993 after the commencement of the civil war. However, this proved to be an ultimate failure.

It was only in the 21st Century that the administrative and financial situations in Tajikistan continued to stabilize and finally on September 23, 2002, the first private airline in Tajikistan, Somon Air, was brought into service.

Airways Laws And Policies

The Government recognized that the air transportation policy should grant liberalization of markets that would allow better connectivity with more effective and efficient services at economical prices parallel with safety measures.

A relevant and appropriate institutional structure needs to be in place, to guarantee the implementation of a liberalized system, that allows a comprehensive division between the policymaker, technical regulator and the operation. In order to assure true competition, a separation between the airport, the airline and the air traffic control has been maintained.

The present scenario adheres to Tajikistan State Airlines (TSA) managing and guiding all air operations and activities.

Also, a new process that would improve and expand the aviation sector, will boost competence and capableness and will lower the expenses of air travel, dismissing the tax on a huge population of people is in construction, and is soon to be executed, is very crucial to the economy of Tajikistan.

List Of Airports In Tajikistan

Ayni Airport

Dushanbe International Airport

Garm Airport

Isfara Airport

Khorog Airport

Khujand Airport

Kulob Airport

Murgab Airport

Penjikent Airport

Qurghonteppa International Airport

List Of Airlines In Tajikistan

Tajikistan is ground to 13 domestic and military airports that link the country with various parts within itself as well as with some overseas destinations, but mostly in Russia.

The Khorog airport serves Khorugh city and the Kulyab International Airport serves to the city of Kulob. Tajik Air connects both, to St Petersburg and Moscow airports in Russia.

Disruption of air services due to bad weather is quite common in Tajikistan.

Asia Airways

Khatlon Air

Asian Express Airline (Tajikistan)

Somon Air

Tajik Air

Samar Airlines

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