Tajikistan Flights

Tajikistan is ground to 13 domestic and military airports that link the country with various parts within itself as well as with some overseas destinations, but mostly in Russia.

The Khorog airport serves Khorugh city and the Kulyab International Airport serves to the city of Kulob. Tajik Air connects both, to St Petersburg and Moscow airports in Russia.

List Of Airports In Tajikistan

Ayni Airport

Dushanbe International Airport

Garm Airport

Isfara Airport

Khorog Airport

Khujand Airport

Kulob Airport

Murgab Airport

Penjikent Airport

Qurghonteppa International Airport

List Of Airlines In Tajikistan

Asia Airways

Khatlon Air

Asian Express Airline (Tajikistan)

Somon Air

Tajik Air

Samar Airlines

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