Tajikistan Souvenirs

Tajikistan is a cradle of a variety of cultures. The Tajik craftswomen pass on their talent and experience from generation to generation. There is a lot that you can collect while in Tajikistan to keep as memorabilia of the trip.

The Following Are Some Of The Prominent Souvenirs Of Tajikistan.

Tajik Textile

Used for clothing, carpet decoration and souvenirs, the roots of the textile industry in Tajikistan lies in handmade fabric decorated with special needles over cotton, wool, silk and other precious and semiprecious stones sewn together on the best fabrics with distinct Tajik designs.

Tajik women are very attached to everything that shines, like other oriental women. You will always find a lot of sequins, gilt embroidery and rhinestones in the markets while in Tajikistan. You can buy your friends a shiny souvenir from different places in Tajikistan.


Gulduzi is one of the most difficult styles of art in gold embroidery. It is embroidery done on the pre-made templates depicting ancient Tajik and Central Asian art cultures.

Gulduzi is the main embroidery style used for souvenirs in modern Tajik gold embroidery. It contains up to 10-20 per cent gold and is used to design and decorate bridal shoes, gowns and headwear.

Popular patterns include-

  • Mavzh meaning a wave
  • Oftob meaning the Sun
  • Sadbarg meaning rose
  • Bulbul meaning nightingale
  • Chashma bulbul meaning nightingale’s eye

Leather souvenirs in Tajikistan are extensively developed in their production. Keychains with a printed pattern and national footwear, including slippers are all covered by pictures of leather to attract tourists making it a very popular market.

One should not neglect these souvenirs as some of them even meet the requirements of current fashion trends emerging in different parts of the world.

Clay products

Souvenirs in the form of kitchen utensils that are made with distinct national purposes are not only beautiful and elegant but also durable.

However, always be careful while making a choice of statuettes jugs, bowls, teapots, large dishes, vases and plates. These are usually not to be eaten from and are to be preserved for souvenir purpose only. Such dishes always carry a specific Tajikistan mark.


The statuettes from Tajikistan made of wood, clay and other materials display popular clay figurines. Made for a variety of needs and sizes these statuettes range from being both the tiniest to being cumbersome.

Tajikistan has a lot to carry along with that will later remind you of the amazing journey that you have had.

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