Tajikistan Transportation

Broad aides about getting around Tajikistan with auto, transport, taxi, prepare, bike, plane etc. You can also find some general recommendations on this page to help you get around in Tajikistan.

Getting Around In Tajikistan

Trains aren’t generally a medium for travelling in Tajikistan in case you don’t have your own methods for transportation. Take a minibus or shared taxi, or take a plane if you need to save some travel time.

When winter falls over Tajikistan, numerous spots taking cover behind high passes turn out to be exceptionally hard to reach over land due to snow. Istaravshan and Khujand can be easily reached anytime due to the Anzob tunnel, and the southern fields around Qurghon-Teppa are also available from Dushanbe all year, just like the Pamir Highway.

In spring, threat and detours don’t originate from avalanches but from mudslides – similarly aggravating. Just in high summer, moderately easy access to all parts of the nation is guaranteed.

Tajikistan Trains And Buses

Marshrutkas are minibuses that adhere to a set route. Prices are exceptionally cheap, and this is the most widely recognized method for getting around Dushanbe city. Travellers can board or alight at anyplace along the course. Tell the driver to stop at the required destination. (by saying haminjo eested in Tajik).

The north and south of Tajikistan are not straightforwardly associated via trains, so those wishing to navigate the nation by means of rail should go via Termez in Uzbekistan, which is a much slower travel than by taking a transport or auto. Trains are a feasible method to travel around Dushanbe city and from Dushanbe to Khujand. The ‘368’ is an overnight train running on weekends.

Badakhshan Auto-Stand

Shared 4WDs and minibuses for Khorog leave each morning between around 6 am and 8 am. Autos can be taken throughout the day. Infrequent vehicles to Kalai-Khum are available but take note of that ahead transport from that point to Khorog is rare.

Transport To Ishkashim & The Wakhan Area

If you going to the Wakhan Valley, shared 4WDs to Ishkashim and Langar awaits in yards specifically over the footbridge from the bazaar.

Main Shared Taxi Stand

Shared cabs and 4WDs for all destinations including Murgab and Rushon leave from the huge square close to the bazaar.

Shared Transport to Dushanbe.

Shared 4WDs to Dushanbe pick up passengers near the riverside.

Minibus-Stand- Local minibuses leaves from around the main bazaar area for Ayni and Savoda.

4WDs to Shing & Haft-Kul- Packed transport to Shing and Haft Kul leave from outside this bazaar.

Asian Express Bus Station- Serving the cities in southwestern Tajikistan (plus Obi Garm)

Isfara Bus Station- For transport northeast to Isfara and the Kyrgyzstan border.

Yova (Ёва) Bus Station- For transport south to Penjikent, Istarvshan and Dushanbe.

Tsementzavod Shared Taxi Stand- For shared cabs north to Khojand and beyond.

Buses to Varzob and Takob- For northern-bound transport.

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