Tajikistan World Heritage List Tour

The UNESCO global historical past list, with about 1,000 objects, changed into installation in accordance with the provisions of the conference on the protection of the world Cultural and herbal history of 1972. The list includes the National Park with “Pamir Mountains” with the natural objects such as, biosphere reserves, Mount Etna in Italy and El Pinacate, and Xinjiang – the Tien Shan in China, and Gran Desierto de Altar in Mexico and the Namib wasteland in Namibia.

Tajikistan National Park (Mountains Of The Pamirs)

Tajikistan national park “Pamir mountains” have become one of the natural sites recently blanketed into the unesco world heritage background listing, – reports un news centre. the choice become followed on 21 June 2013 in Cambodia, where a international historical past committee consultation, is being presently held.

The park located in the heart of the Pamir mountain and its cover almost 2.5 million hectares’ unit, with the very best mountain tiers of Eurasia divaricated from it.

it’s far domestic to Tajikistan’ uncommon species of birds and mammals, together with the Marco Polo argali, snow leopard, Siberian ibex and so forth. Because of frequent earthquakes, the country wide park territory is in moderation populated, and practically isn’t always laid low with effect of human sports destructive to nature. Tajik country wide Park is the most important protected natural vicinity of the usa.

Mausoleum Of “Amir KhamzaKhastiPodshoh” (1999)

This site turned into to the UNESCO global heritage Tentative listing on November 9, 1999 within the Cultural class and built on the grave of a saint, the mausoleum is a unique testimony to Islamic Critical Asian structure. The ancient structure includes Koranic inscriptions, mud-brick construction and intricately carved ceilings

Few of other Ancient Town of Tajikistan also added to the UNESCO global heritage Tentative listing that includes The site of ancient towns are unique archaeological monument, where the elements of structure of towns is expressed the culture Tajikistan to very clearly.

  • The Site of Ancient Town of Takhti-Sangin (1999)
  • The Site of Ancient Town of Baitudasht IV (1999)
  • The Site of Ancient Town of Pyanjekent (1999)
  • The Site of Ancient Town of Shahristan (Kahkakha) (1999)


  • Mausoleum of “KhojaMashkhad” (1999)
  • Buddhistic cloister of Ajina-Tepa (1999)
  • Palace of the governor of Khulbuk (1999)
  • Mausoleum of “HodjaNashron” (1999)
  • Mausoleum of “MukhammadBashoro” (1999)

Natural site

  • Fann Mountains (2006)
  • TigrovayaBalka (2006)
  • ZakaznikKusavlisay (2006)
  • State reserve DashtiDjum (2006)
  • Zorkul State Reserve (2006)
  • Silk Roads Sites in Tajikistan (2013)

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