Best Time To Visit Turkmenistan

Remote from the usual tourist routes, Turkmenistan still remains on the consideration list for most travellers except the seasoned travellers. The country is full of barren deserts and is more of a mysterious destination and a silent spectator to destructive political outbreaks in the past. However, the country still remains as one out of the ordinary, is rare and unique for the lone travellers searching for solitude.

The Best Time to Visit Turkmenistan is from October – December and then from March to June.

The high traffic tourist season recorded is from April – June.

However, the low season is from July – September and then in the cold days of December – February.

During the months of March-June, the weather is pleasant, soothing and mild and most parts of the country remain easily accessible.

Apart from the dry summer months, the duration between October-December, the time when the fall sets in becomes another suitable time to visit Turkmenistan. The fall of the cold season is pleasant for exploring out outdoor.

July-September months are creditably hot owing to the geography of the country which is more of a desert area. The desert climate makes it almost impossible for a comfortable outdoor tour.


Turkmenistan is best visited during the spring. The season offers you enough reasons to explore outdoors and reach out to the colourful side of Turkmenistan. Regions around the Caspian Sea are usually overflooded with tourists during these months. Nights around the lake are chilling cold on some days, but knowing it to be a desert area makes it bearable.


The Turkmenistan days can be fairly hot during the months between July and September. Temperatures soar up to as high as 100 degrees and stay in that range. Knowing Turkmenistan to be a country more beautiful outdoors, this is definitely not the best time to holiday in the region.

Autumn (October-December)

The best time to visit the cultural offerings in Turkmenistan, this time of the year marks the beginning of the fall and the cold days. The weather is just suitable to explore the unexplored breadths of the country. However, 20th October to 1st of November witnesses the Independence day celebrations in the country and therefore no one is allowed to move out of the country during this time of the year for security reasons.

Winter (December-February)

These are the cold days in Turkmenistan. Although Turkmenistan is not as cold as other Central Asian countries, the weather does dip down to 0 degrees and less. You can experience snowfalls during this part of the year. Also, some of the places of tourist attractions remain closed to avoid mishaps and injuries.

Turkmenistan is a beautiful outdoor location for solitude travellers. Call us or visit our website to learn more about the best time to visit Turkmenistan and to book your tour to the beautiful country now.

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