Turkmenistan Travel Guides

Turkmenistan is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of Central Asia. However, there are certain prerequisites to kept in mind while you plan your trip to Turkmenistan.


Turkmenistan has one of the most strict vigilance when it comes to visa policies compared to all other neighbouring countries. All the tourists must have a Turkmen Visa in order to enter the country. The visa application is a simple process and requires a letter of invitation and the visa support from a trusted travel agency. This usually takes not more than 3-4 weeks so be prepared well beforehand.

On-Arrival Procedures

The most favourable of all modes of travel is by air. Visitors can always take a flight to the capital city of Turkmenistan from any part of the world. The Turkmen Airlines and all other important international airlines operate flights to and from the capital city, Ashgabat.

You can also travel across the land borders via the rail route. The neighbouring countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are well connected to Turkmenistan by a proper rail network.

Vistors can also opt for the ferry connection in between the Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan sea borders. The ride across the Caspian Sea is, however, the most difficult path chosen to reach Turkmenistan.

Registration And Customs

All foreign citizens that are usually the tourists, upon arrival at the capital city receive an authorised immigration card that supervises and records your stay, check-ins and check-outs in the country.

Accommodation In Turkmenistan

You might not find a large number of hotels and resting lodges and accommodations in Turkmenistan, but you can still be a part of the most hospitable welcome in the country.


Primarily a cash-based society, when in Turkmenistan tourists should never forget to carry cash or the national currency. Only some of the 5-star hotels in Turkmenistan accept US dollars.

Ashgabat has a limited number of ATMs that provide international exchanges apart from the US dollar.

A very few hotels and an even fewer number of shops in Turkmenistan accept credit and debit cards(Visa and MasterCard).

Restrictions in Turkmenistan

There are some very strict rules to be followed while in Turkmenistan.

Smoking is strictly prohibited not only in the VIP designated regions but also in public areas and on streets. Smoking in public places can end up in being penalised and fined.

In addition to this, Internet access in Turkmenistan is completely restricted. Social networks and messaging apps do not operate while you are inside the country borders.

Medication And Vaccination

Although there are no additional or specific conditions stating that before a trip to the majestic country Turkmenistan, tourists visiting the country must learn the importance of rules and regulations.

Import of painkillers, sedatives and sleep medications is strictly prohibited in Turkmenistan.

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