Turkmenistan Visa

Obtaining a Turkmenistan tourist visa isn’t conceivable without booking a visit. Getting a travel visa may require a long time, however, you don’t have to book a tour and needn’t bother with visa support from a touring organization (LOI). A transit visa considers a visit of up to 5 days. (Obtaining Visa for 7 days is extraordinary)

In 2018, both the Washington and London Embassies have begun requesting an LOI for the travel visa

Know that the Turkmen visa is date specific, which means it has fixed begin and expiry dates. You can’t enter Turkmenistan before the begin date or leave after the expiry date, yet you can enter after the begin date and leave before the expiry date.


Since summer 2015, irregular rejections for travel visas became normal. No consulate, nationality or schedule appeared to be excluded. Tourist visas likewise got refused, in spite of the fact that the dismissal rate here was much lower.

Be that as it may, since 2018, reports have been overwhelmingly positive. Rejections have turned out to be substantially less than normal. Indeed, even tourist visas with courses like Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan (which was rarely granted earlier), have been affirmed as of late.


As per Timatic, Georgians can visit Turkmenistan without a visa for up to 90 days for every 180-day time frame. Every other person needs a visa.

Turkmenistan Transit Visa

The Turkmenistan transit visa is issued for 3-7 days. How long you get is basically up to the impulses of the authority conceding the visa, yet 5 days is standard.

Note that a transit visa allows you have to move between different countries through Turkmenistan. You can’t return to a similar nation you originated from on a transit visa.

Turkmenistan Tourist Visa

Getting a Turkmenistan tourist visa ìs costly. You have to reserve it through a touring company. The tour administrator will give you a chance to do your own particular thing in Ashgabat without a guide, inside points of confinement (there are a lot of cameras and secret police). You’ll need a guide outside of Ashgabat (it would never again be a visit).

To get your visa, follow the directions of your tour organization. Nowadays, you will generally get an invitation letter e-mailed to you. This will at that point be changed over into a genuine visa on your landing in the borders.

Turkmenistan Visa On Arrival

It is conceivable to get a Turkmenistan tourist visa on the entry in the air terminal of Ashgabat, and in addition on the land outskirts. You will require a letter of invitation from a tour organization, which implies a booking with them. The Turkmenistan visa on landing is substantial for 10 days.

Transit visas are not accessible at Ashgabat air terminal, nonetheless, there is a travel region in the air terminal for travellers in travel for which no special visa is required.

Visa Requirements For Transit Visa Application:

1 filled out Turkmenistan visa application form

1 passport-sized photo

1 passport with minimum 6 months validity after the expiry of the Turkmen visa and 2 empty pages

1 letter from yourself stating your purpose of transit and route

photocopies of your main passport page and of visas of the two countries to be travelled to/from (some embassies may not require the visa for the country you are travelling from, only the visa of the country you are travelling to) photocopies of your airline ticket, if applicable

You do NOT need an LOI for a transit visa.

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