Turkmenistan Tourism

The wonders of Turkmenistan lie among the woods and in nature’s cradle. Turkmenistan is a unique tourist destination. Though archaeological sites and medieval monuments can be located throughout the country Turkmenistan is a region full of tourist spots that take you through different realms of nature.

Religious Tourism

Shir Kabir Mausoleum (6 km from Dekhistan)

Dating from the 9th and 10th century. Shir Kabir is the oldest surviving mosques on the territory of Turkmenistan. It has a nikhab with niches one inside the other.

Shir-Kabir Mausoleum

Six km from Dekhistan lies the old Mashad burial – a Muslim necropolis with the notable tomb of Ali ibn Sukkari or “Shir – Kabir” in the inside. Shir-Kabir is also called as a mosque “on wooden columns”.

The structures of the Shir-Kabir sepulchre mosque are identified with esteemed Serakh architectural school. The walls of the building from square mud blocks were decorated from the premise up to its vault with cut ganch with twists, verdurous patterns and Kufi engravings, painted in dull blue, red and pistachio-green hues.

Historical Tourism


A frontier fortress Kushka which was built by Russian soldiers in 1890 was located in the place of the modern city. which was a boundary outpost, whose major purpose was to protect the remote borders of the Russian Empire from Afghani tribes.

Gozli Ata Mousoleum

An esteemed Sufi instructor in the mid-fourteenth century, Gozli Ata had a huge following until his inopportune death by the Mongol intruders. His mausoleum, situated in a natural depression of rough desert, is presently a famous place of pilgrimage.

The Hall of Local History

Recreated by the landscapes of the Badykhan Reserve, and the Murghab riverside, the Hall of Local History displays the detailed panorama of a desert in its backdrop.

Nature Tourism

Caravanserai Tasharvat

Balkanabat close Tasharvat water spring is found the magnificent remnants of caravanserai Tasharvat. It remains on one of the antiquated troop route – various branches of the Great Silk Road.

Yangykala Canyon

With bands of red, pink and yellow shake burning over the sides of the steep canyon walls, Yangykala is a stunning sight and one of its kind amongst the most fabulous attractions in Turkmenistan. A couple of Turkmen know about its reality. You can camp on the plateau over the ravine, in spite of the fact that it can get windy there.

Cultural Tourism

Vieux Nice

Vieux Nice is an extraordinary place to discover by walking. The city’s oldest neighbourhood is a series of beguiling squares and boulevards, brimming with yellow and red houses with green shutters. Its numerous bistros, eateries and shops guarantee a vivacious environment until late into the night. Take an early morning to browse through the pleasant market of Cours Saleya.

Giz bibi

When talking about fables, the city of Nokhur is a proud owner of a special place for wish making on the outskirts of the village. The place is commonly known as Giz bibi by the locals and is in the form of a narrow crack in the huge stone that the inhabitants consider to as one of the doors to paradise.

They say- Make a wish, and it will definitely come true in some time. The place hosts an old sycamore tree with a hollow enough to house few people inside.

The Necropolis of Gonur Tepe

Necropolis of Gonur Tepe still holds numerous secrets for archaeologists, historians and researchers. This place is one of the imperative touristic objects of Turkmenistan, visited by a huge number of visitors consistently. Find this brilliant and puzzling sight to unravel the mysteries of Turkmens’ predecessors. Call us or visit our website to learn more about Turkmenistan tourism and to book your tour to the holiday country now!

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