Turkmenistan Travel

Turkmenistan is as large as Spain and is home to roughly five million people.

Understanding the certainties of travelling on the ground will mean an easier trip, and fewer surprises all around.

There are plenty of exciting sights in store for prepared travellers, who are looking for adventure – from Arabian camels and dinosaur footprints to golden Akhal-Teke horses and burning gas craters.

Know All About The Turkmenistan Weather

Mostly covered with plains and deserts, Turkmenistan is bound to have a drier and continental climate. However, you can expect a milder and colder atmosphere in the mountain covered regions of the country and on the offshore areas of the Caspian Sea that lies on the western borders of the country, Turkmenistan.

The lowest temperature recorded in the region is minus 32 degrees as measured in the winter days and the highest temperature recorded has reached up to 50 degrees during the summer months.

In spite of the harsh day temperatures during the summers, the nighttime temperatures vary between minus 18 degrees to 14 degrees on some days. This causes an overall fluctuation of 30 degrees in the temperatures along the day. This is the cause of the diurnal temperature backdrop in Turkmenistan.

Vital Medications And Vaccinations-

Turkmenistan can get really hot during the summers, so it is important to stay hydrated and covered up, to prevent sunburn and heat exhaustion/dehydration.

Make sure your vaccinations are up to date and that you have comprehensive travel insurance. While it’s always a good idea to take any medications you might need with you but make sure you have a doctor’s letter describing the reasons for it otherwise you may be refused entry on arrival

Some medications such as codeine are considered illegal in Turkmenistan.

Stay safe and stick to cooked food – typhoid is common and can spread through salads and cold meat.

The ‘No Travel Zones’

Few areas have been restricted areas’ by the Government of Turkmenistan– mainly the region of Dashoguz and the Caspian coast, the border areas next to Uzbekistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

Special permission must be taken by the Government if you’re really determined to visit, the national airlines does not sell a ticket to any traveller who intends to travel to a prohibited zone without prior permission from the government in the area.


Turkmenistan has one of the most strict vigilance when it comes to visa policies compared to all other neighbouring countries. All the tourists must have a Turkmen Visa in order to enter the country. The visa application is a simple process and requires a letter of invitation and the visa support from a trusted travel agency. This usually takes not more than 3-4 weeks so be prepared well beforehand.

On-Arrival Procedures

The most favourable of all modes of travel is by air. Visitors can always take a flight to the capital city of Turkmenistan from any part of the world. The Turkmen Airlines and all other important international airlines operate flights to and from the capital city, Ashgabat.

You can also travel across the land borders via the rail route. The neighbouring countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are well connected to Turkmenistan by a proper rail network.

Vistors can also opt for the ferry connection in between the Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan sea borders. The ride across the Caspian Sea is, however, the most difficult path chosen to reach Turkmenistan.

Accommodation In Turkmenistan

You might not find a large number of hotels and resting lodges and accommodations in Turkmenistan, but you can still be a part of the most hospitable welcome in the country.


Primarily a cash-based society, when in Turkmenistan tourists should never forget to carry cash or the national currency. Only some of the 5-star hotels in Turkmenistan accept US dollars.

Ashgabat has a limited number of ATMs that provide international exchanges apart from the US dollar.

A very few hotels and an even fewer number of shops in Turkmenistan accept credit and debit cards(Visa and MasterCard).

Food In Turkmenistan

Turkmen nourishment is more like the food found in Turkey, the Middle East, China and Muslim nations than food found in Russia. Since Turkmenistan is a Muslim nation pork is elusive however lamb and other sheep items and poultry are normal. Hamburger, camel meat and goat meat are served in a few spots. Fish and caviar from the Caspian Sea are accessible.

Turkmenistan has created one of a kind history and geology. The conventional Turkmen nomadic way of life and the extreme states of living in the desert have both moulded the culinary customs of the Turkmen.

Turkmen utilize different vegetables in comparison to Uzbeks and Tajiks and eat them in various ways. Radish and tomatoes are utilized all the more regularly. Onions are eaten raw and utilized as a flavouring.

Turkmenistan is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of Central Asia. Call us or visit our website now to learn more about Turkmenistan travels and to book your tickets now.

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