Tashkent Sights

Tashkent is a combination of a well balanced modern metropolis and an ancient Oriental Middle Eastern city. It is now the largest and the capital city of Uzbekistan serving as an economic and cultural center.

History Of Tashkent

Tashkent was heavily influenced by the Sogdian and Turkic cultures who were its first inhabitants. Near to the Chirchik River, it was settled by Turkic nomads as an oasis. Later, it was the Islamic rulers who took over Tashkent. During the Mongol conquest, the city got completely destroyed by Genghis Khan in 1219. It was only during the Timurid Empire that the city got revived and turned into a prominent center of scholarship, commerce, and trade. At some point in time, it was deemed as one of the richest cities in Central Asia which flourished even more during the Tsarist period who industrialized the city from 1920 to 1930 and beyond. Because of such dramatic change in the rulers who ruled the city from time to time, Tashkent is blessed with incredible architectural monuments, both big and small, that adorn the city, making it one of the most important cities in Central Asia.

Major Sightseeing Spots InTashkent:

Ancient Monuments in Tashkent

Tashkent has got an incredible amount of historical architectures which are carefully preserved and constantly getting renovated. Some of the notable ones are:

Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex

Also known as Hast-Imam ensemble, it is one of the most significant Islamic architectural sites in Central Asia which consists of various mosques, madrasahs, and shrines. It is named after one of the highly esteemed scholar of 10th Century, Imam Abu Bekr Al-Kaffal Al-Kabir Ash-Shashi who immensely contributed to the holy books of Islam, notably the Quran, Hadith, and Islamic laws. Inside the ensemble, visit the following important monuments:

  • Barak-Khan Madrasah
  • Tilla Sheikh Mosque
  • MuyiMuborak Madrasah
  • KaffalShashi Mausoleum
  • Namazgoh Mosque
The KhodjaAkhrarVali Mosque (Juma Mosque)

This mosque is named after a prominent Sufi leader, Sheikh KhodjaAkhrar, and is the third largest mosque in the country. This is also called Tsarist Mosque because it was restored by Russian emperor Alexander III after it got destroyed by a series of earthquakes.


This madrasah was built in the 19th Century and was the location of settlement of a peace treaty between Russian government and Tashkent after the latter got captured by the former.

Sheikhantaur Memorial Complex

Only 3 of the 16 monuments now remain intact in this complex, the rest of which fell prey to earthquakes and Soviet planning. Sheikhantaur mausoleum is the most important monument in this complex which is the burial place of local saint Sheikh KhovandiTahur, also known as Sheikhantaur.


It is a medieval madrasah in Tashkent which served as a caravanserai and a fortress and a museum before being made a madrassah again in the 1990s.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

This is a catholic church which was built in early twentieth century. This is stunningly decorated with stained glass window and small towers on the rooftop.

Central Tashkent

Amir Timur Square

Located in the heart of Tashkent city, it is represented by a small park and a grandeur statue of Amir Timur himself on a horseback.

Independence Square

Also located centrally in Tashkent, it is an excellent resting place for locals and tourists alike characterized by parks, fountains, gardens, and few historical monuments, all signifying the importance of independence.

Tashkent Television Tower

This tower is the second tallest structure in Central Asia and has an observation deck for tourists located almost 100 meters above the ground.

Recreational Centers InTashkent:

to relax and calm themselves down after a busy sightseeing day. Some of the notables are:

  • Tashkent Land
  • Aqualand Entertainment Complex
  • Aqua Park Pool & Recreation Area
  • Tashkent Lake Side Golf Club
  • Botanical Garden
  • Chorsu Market

Being the capital city, Tashkent is filled with sightseeing opportunities ranging from historical monuments to modern skyscrapers. So it has got a whole bunch of things to carter to every category of tourists and leaves an indelible impression on them.

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