Uzbekistan Sights

The enigmatic country of Uzbekistan which is located at the heart of Central Asia is rich in historical heritage in the form of architectural monuments. Intermittently conquered and ruled by various dynasties, Uzbekistan developed its own form of sightseeing opportunities which leave visitors in sheer amazement.

History Of Uzbekistan

The history of Uzbekistan as an inhabited land dates back to first millennium BC. The region was settled by Iranian and Turkic nomads along the rivers of Central Asia, and subsequently cities like Bukhara and Samarkand emerged. After the opening of the Great Silk Road route that facilitated trade between China and Europe and Middle East, the cities grew in prominence and became wealthy points of transit. This drew the attention of rulers from around the world with the likes of Alexander The Great and Chinese kings who made their mark on Uzbekistan and formed their own colonies for a brief period of time.

Islamic Influence In Uzbekistan

But perhaps the most significant cultural influence on Uzbekistan was brought in by the Arab invaders who also introduced ancient Uzbekistan to Islam. The Arabs help spread Islam throughout the region which got easier over time with Muslim rulers dominating the region and investing heavily in Islamic architectures. Two of the most powerful Muslim empires, Timurid and Mongol Empire, extensively ruled the regions of Uzbekistan and helped the major cities to prosper in every department. Today many variation of the faith is being practiced in Uzbekistan and is far from monolithic. This might be because of the Russian Empire which ruled Uzbekistan and the neighboring states as part of USSR.

Because of such wide range of rulers with their own style of architectural methods ruling the country from time to time, the sights of Uzbekistan have a distinctive touch to them. Even though most of the sights in Uzbekistan can be categorized under Islamic architecture, nevertheless Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Russian, and Chinese architectures and their influence is palpable in some corners of the country.

Uzbekistan Artistry On Its Sights

Uzbekistan was called a land of gifted artisans right from the very beginning who weaved together splendid piece of artworks right out of their hand. Merchants traversing through the Silk Road route often made a stop at the bazaars and caravanserais located in the towns of Uzbekistan to purchase these items. Be it ceramics, wood carving, silk products, or, the unique artistry is palpable everywhere. Expect the same in the interior and exteriors of the monuments which are gorgeously decorated, most of them of which are characterized by turquoise blue domes and marbles. Explore the main sightseeing options in the four main cities of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent Sights

The capital city of Tashkent has got an excellent number of sightseeing options for tourists to explore which are a mix of medieval and modern monuments.

Samarkand Sights

Historically, one of the greatest cities in Central Asia, Samarkand has many architectural point of attraction dating way back to the Hellenistic Period.

Bukhara Sights

With over 140 architectural monuments, Bukhara is the fifth largest city of Uzbekistan with numerous mosques and madrasahs.

Khiva Sights

The city of Khiva which is sandwiched in between the deserts of Kyzylkum and Karakum also has hundreds of historical sightseeing points, majority of which are concentrated in the fortress of Itchan Kala.

Not to mention the delicious traditional dishes you’ll be having while you’re in Uzbekistan. Along with the sightseeing treat, you’ll invariably get to taste authentic Central Asian cuisine which mainly consists of Plov, bread, sweets, and meats. Each region of Uzbekistan has got its own variation of Plov and other dishes. Furthermore, Uzbek people are considered one of the most hospitable people on Earth which will make you travel experience in Uzbekistan a memorable affair.

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