Uzbekistan Railways

Rail transportation in Uzbekistan is considered the best in Central Asia. As of March 2017, the rail network in Uzbekistan totaled 4669 Km. About 50% of that is electrified with modern technology. The chain of railroad goes through highly populated regions of Uzbekistan and connects most major cities and towns. The aim of the railway department is to connect to even the smallest of the towns and villages which will facilitate transportation and tourism.

Internationally, Uzbekistan has links to all other neighboring countries and even extended to China. Tashkent is the main station of Uzbekistan and is one of the cities in Central Asia which has a metro system.

The state owned Uzbekistan Railways is the only rail company in Uzbekistan which manages all the railway activity in the territory. The company operators four types of rail carriers:


These are high speed trains which are manufactured by Spanish company, Talgo, which are capable of covering distance of 300 Km from Tashkent to Samarkand in only 2 hours.


Sharq fleets are another fast trains, albiet lower than Afrosiyob, which cover the same distance as Afrosiyob in 6 hours.


These classic train carriers pass through a 19 kilometer long tunnel uthrough the mountain range separating the Fergana Valley from the rest of Uzbekistan which make up for a wonderful train tour in Uzbekistan.

Night Trains

These trains are used for covering long distances which span several days. The trains are equipped with beds and sleeping berths.

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