Uzbekistan Souvenirs

We cannot call a holiday complete without buying few local souvenirs that characterize the places you visit. Although there is no such thing as perfect souvenir, the key to buying a good one is to purchase something that’ll mean something to you, something that you can relate to and form a story around so that whenever it catches your eye, it’ll invoke a compelling picture in your mind.

Uzbekistan Arts And Crafts

Uzbekistan was always a land of artists from the medieval period when the artisans of this land handcrafted magnificent form of potteries, designs, and embroideries that baffled merchants who passed through Uzbekistan along the Silk Road route. The making process has remained almost unchanged and has passed down from generation to generation. While in Uzbekistan, you’ll find that every city has its own craft school and style. For example, in Khiva, you’ll come across plates decorated with blue and ultramarine patterns, while in Rishtan the artwork is all about blue and turquoise shades.

Souvenirs From Uzbekistan


The ceramics developed by Uzbek artisans is unmatchable. The designs on the ceramic plates, bowls, cups, and vessels are painstakingly drawn by hand. Gijdhuvan, Rishtan, and Shakhrizabs are the cities known for ceramics.

Carved wood and metal pieces

Almost in every market in Uzbekistan you’ll find elegantly decorated knives, daggers, swords, and other metals. Jewelries and necklaces too are delicately made with mesmerizing designs.

Embroidery and clothes

Uzbekistan is famous for its embroideries and traditional fur coats and hats which are beautifully decorated with threads and linings. Bukhara and Samarkand especially are famous for silk Suzannes and embroidered clothes.

Carpets and fabrics

Abr and Ikat are two of the most famous silk fabrics decorated with blurred patterns. Silk carpets found in Margilan are called as national fabrics of Uzbekistan including khan-atlas and adras fabrics.

Samarkand paper

The paper made in Samarkand during the Tamerlane period based on the technologies of 10th centuries is considered of great quality due to its smoothness, color, and durability. It was made from mulberry bark, flower petals, and silk fibers.

Uzbekistan food

The round loaves of bread, sweet pastries, and soups are the elemental part of Uzbek cuisine. Plov which is a mix of rice, vegetables, meat, raisins and other spice is considered the national dish of Uzbekistan. While you may not be able to take these perishable food items with, you can learn the art of making them. Besides that, nuts, dried fruits, apricots, pistachios are always on offer.

Airports are not deemed as an ideal place to buy souvenirs and more often than not you’ll end up buying tea towel or a bottle of gin, and that too at a much higher price than what you’d have to pay outside. The best places to look for souvenirs are the markets of the cities where there are several vendors selling only souvenir items.

Below Are The Uzbek Cities With The Souvenirs That Are Famous:

  • Bukhara (embroidery, fur coats and hats)
  • Rishtan (ceramics and potteries)
  • Margilan (silk items)
  • Samarkand (carpets, wines, and paper products)
  • Khiva (carpets and embroidery)

Uzbekistan has got more than enough items you can take back with you along with memorable moments you spent in here that you will actually keep and treasure. If you’d like to know more about the buying procedure and airport customs, please mail us at and one of our representatives will get back to you.

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