Uzbekistan Transportation

Uzbekistan is the main tourist destination in Central Asia, and part of that can be attributed to good transportation facilities it has. Particularly the air transport was given prominence among other forms of transportation and has always received strong substantial investment. Rail lines and roadways have also come a long way and various smaller towns and villages are now getting connected with the big and cosmopolitan cities, thus making it easier for tourists to pay a visit to the lesser-known or hard to reach places in Uzbekistan.

International Transportation


Air travel is the easiest possible way to reach Uzbekistan.There are direct flights to the international airports in Uzbekistan from all major places of the world like Amsterdam, Athens, New York, Frankfurt, Delhi, Tel Aviv et cetera. Uzbekistan has six international airports, namely:

  • Bukhara International Airport
  • Fergana International Airport
  • Navoi International Airport
  • Samarkand International Airport
  • Tashkent International Airport
  • Urgench International Airport

Tashkent is a major junction of Central Asian railway system. From Tashkent, there are connections to Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, to Dushanbe in Tajikistan via Samarkand, to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, to Almaty in Kazakhstan, and even to Russia. Train lines are now also developed beyond Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan to Iran and to China respectively. A long train journey from outside of Uzbekistan promises excellent picturesque views and everlasting memories.


There are roads leading to Uzbekistan from almost all neighboring countries. All the borders with the exception of that with Afghanistan in the south are open for tourists holding legal visas. You can find buses to Tashkent from other countries. Chauffeured cars are also an option if you want private transportation to Uzbekistan. Roadways are normally preferred when tourists go on a multi-country tour to the surrounding countries along with Uzbekistan.

Domestic Transportation

Uzbekistan is faring well in domestic transportation as well.


You can travel to other major cities from Tashkent as there are connecting flights available most of the time. Uzbekistan Airways flies to all major towns and cities of Uzbekistan that too on a regular basis.

Domestic airports in Uzbekistan are:

  • Andizhan Airport
  • Karshi Airport
  • Muynak Airport
  • Namangan Airport
  • Nukus Airport
  • Termez Airport
  • Zarafshan Airport

The domestic railway network is strong in Uzbekistan which connects Bukhara, Samarkand, Termez, Fergana, Nukus and others. These trains run on daily, weekly, bi weekly basis and form the backbone of transportation for Uzbekistan people traveling long distances within the country.


Due to poor maintenance and lack of funding, the road development within the country somewhat got hampered but has gained pace in recent times. The roads have gotten better and there is more number of public transportation available. There are regularly scheduled buses, private cars and taxis make travelling in Uzbekistan easier.

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