When do tourists go to Kyrgyzstan?


If you think the weather doesn’t matter when planning a trip, congratulations. You are absolutely right! At least when it comes to Kyrgyzstan: the Asian country is ready to welcome tourists at any time of the year!

Still, if you are weather-dependent or just categorical about the sun/rain/snow, a reminder that:

  • Spring in Kyrgyzstan is the most romantic time of the year. It rains, thundershowers, and continuous downpours. But if you are not afraid of dampness, you are welcome! Moreover, this is a country of contrasts, where after the rain the sun necessarily looks out. To make your walks more comfortable, don’t forget an umbrella, rain jacket and a hooded sweatshirt;
  • Unlike most Central Asian countries, the summer in Kyrgyzstan is hot, but not very hot. So feel free to plan trips to the cities and the countryside – just don’t forget the sunscreen and a panama hat!
  • If we believe the statistics, the tourists especially adore autumn in Kyrgyzstan. And it is no wonder! It is warm, dry and sunny – all three months there is good weather for these atmospheric walks;
  • In winter rest in Kyrgyzstan is very diverse. There are all kinds of ways to conquer mountain peaks, and lazy pastime in the hotel bathhouse – why not to combine? 

The weather in Kyrgyzstan, like the country itself, is very changeable and unpredictable. Therefore, going on a trip, be sure to read the current forecast. Classic tour by Minzifa Travel is designed for any season, so you can safely plan the acquaintance with Kyrgyzstan without regard to the weather!

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