New Year’s travels in Uzbekistan 2022 – 2023

New Year's travels in Uzbekistan 2022 - 2023

The New Year is a time of miraculous transformations and the fulfillment of all wishes. But for the wishes to really come true, it is not enough just to behave well and hope for Santa Claus. Why not take the first step by booking a New Year’s tour from Minzifa Travel?

Uzbekistan is the leader of New Year’s destinations 2022-2023. In terms of the number of tickets sold, the Asian country is several times ahead of the most popular European cities and Turkey. There are indeed many reasons why tourists choose an eastern country for New Year’s Eve:

  • affordable prices. Do not want to spend all your savings, but really want to remember the holiday for a long time? Then you just can’t find a better destination than Uzbekistan. A full holiday in a good Uzbek hotel will cost many times cheaper than staying in a European hotel. And a huge variety of cafes, restaurants and teahouses will allow you to have lunch and dinner, not only to your taste, but on your wallet;
  • rich programs. What would you like to see this New Year? In Uzbekistan, dreams really do come true. Make a bet on gastronomic tours: pilaf instead of Olivier, flatbread instead of herring under a fur coat, and cholodets will replace naryn – a traditional Uzbek meat dish. If you want a holiday “like in the movies,” arrange a mountain New Year. Go skiing in the Chimgan mountains, enjoy a snowboarding trip in Beldersay, admire the views of Yangiabade. Tired of silence and want more movement? Then celebrate New Year’s Eve on Mustaqillik Square by the capital’s main Christmas tree. Uzbek pop artists, dance groups, fairy tale characters – get ready for the most cheerful atmosphere;
  • perfect weather. New Year is snow and frosts. But if you want a little change of vector, come to warm and sunny Uzbekistan. Even in winter the temperature rarely drops below 0 C, and because of the sun the inhabitants of the Asian country do not have problems with vitamin D deficiency. See for yourself!
  • Ready for the most fantastic New Year? Then we are pleased to offer you a tour “New Year Uzbekistan 2022-2023”. Come to the sunny Asian state and make sure that dreams come true.
  • The tour is designed for a week and includes visits to three amazing cities – Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara:
  • We can get into the pre-New Year atmosphere in the capital of Uzbekistan. Where else to get in the holiday spirit, if not in the market? That’s why we recommend you to have a fruitful stroll around Chors Bazaar! If there is time left, we will definitely visit the Timurid Museum and Independence Square;
  • From 2022 to 2023 we will be in Samarkand. Before the clock strikes midnight we have time to stroll around Registan Square and check out the museums and madrassas. But don’t be late – in the evening we will have a festive dinner in a warm company;
  • If you thought that January 1 was created for sleeping in, we will try to dispel this myth. No, you won’t be bored on the first day of the New Year with us. Let’s visit culinary master classes, and when we get hungry let’s go to a local teahouse? Unanimously!

Do you still think that New Year’s Eve is just a children’s holiday? Minzifa Travel will convince you of the opposite! No matter what mood you are in when you come to Uzbekistan, we assure you that it will get even better soon! Hospitality of the locals is indispensable, so you will definitely feel at home! To book tours please contact me on WhatsApp, e-mail The New Year is already rushing to us!

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