Charyn Canyon – green groves and ancient castles of Kazakhstan

Charyn Canyon Kazakhstan

Every year more and more tourists come to Kazakhstan: this may please, but does not surprise. The harmonious combination of ancient architectural monuments, Muslim shrines and modern constructions satisfies several tourist requests.

And still Kazakhstan would not be so surprising if the monuments erected by human hands were not surrounded by natural monuments. One of them is the Charyn Canyon.

In 2004, the Charyn National Park was opened in the country. The main goal is to restore and preserve the natural monuments of the region. Picturesque landscapes captivate and mesmerize, but even the highest quality photos cannot convey all the magnificence of this place. In the tours from Minzifa Travel you will be able to see it for yourself!

Charyn Canyon is a deep gorge that is often compared to the Grand Canyon. The rocks of the canyon remind watchtowers, and rare and unique plants are hidden in the gorges.

The climate in this part of Kazakhstan only confirms its contrasts. Summers here are hot and arid, and winters are cold and windy. In winter, there is almost no snow and no ice, so the canyon is suitable for visiting in the cold season: under the snow the sedimentary rocks look even more fabulous.

In summer the thermometer rises to 40 C: especially hot in July and the first half of August. In such weather, tours are as usual, but it’s a good idea to bring sunscreen and a hat.

The canyon is especially beautiful in the off-season. In the spring there is a lot of greenery and flowers, and in the fall the trees turn golden. The weather is comfortable and there is little rain, so the walk will be a pleasant surprise.

If possible, when you arrive to Charyn Canyon, you should wait for the evening. At sunset, the water is colored in orange, pink and scarlet hues, and the rapid streams of the river can be heard even more clearly.

A national park is always one big attraction. But if you want to see particularly attractive places, go to:

Ash Grove

It is the pride of the canyon and a favorite tourist attraction. The whole grove is dotted with Sogdian ash trees, which are up to 10 meters high. But it is noteworthy that the trees survived the Ice Age, so it seems that they do not care about anything. A similar grove can only be found in North America.

The Valley of Castles

The valley appeared naturally: the waters of the canyon eroded the clay, and the resulting relief was like castles. There are two viewing platforms, which offer a wonderful view of the canyon. There are also parking lots, so you can safely come by car.

Turanga Grove

There are trees named turanga growing in this area. It is an Asiatic poplar that only takes root in dry and sandy soils. The grove has clean and fresh air, and it is suitable for long hikes.

The main attraction, which goes to Charyn Canyon, is the contemplation and enjoyment of natural beauty. But also those who prefer active rest will not be bored. Go on a horse tour or go to the zoo, ride off-road vehicles or quad bikes, enjoy fishing or take a steam bath: leisure for every taste.

Charyn Canyon is a place where time seems to stop to give tourists an opportunity to relax from the city noise and gain strength. We are pleased to invite you for a fascinating walk through the canyon together with Minzifa Travel. Contact us on WhatsApp or e-mail and we will tell you all the details. Get ready for a pleasant and unforgettable vacation!

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