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Kazakhstan has a mix of savannahs, steppes, deserts, pristine lakes, wild forests, and rivers as well as modern cities, such as Asthana, the emerging capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, the foremost commercial and cultural hub with luxuriant avenues, lively cafes, dining spots, stylish shopping centers and vibrant nightlife. If at all you are visiting Kazakhstan for the vacation with your children, then the most fun thing you should go for is a Dolphinarium tour.

Kazakhstan Dolphinarium is a modern marine mammal aquatic located in the heart of Almaty. It is home to dolphins and northern fur seals. The Dolphinarium offers its visitors a unique experience to interact with the dolphins and also swim with the friendly aquatic creatures.

What To Expect At The Dolphin And Seal Show?

The dolphin and seal show is an interactive experience that demonstrates the immense talent, physical and mental intelligence, these animals have. They dive on command, dance with the music, juggle and play with balls. The show dolphin and seal show will surely win your hearts. These animals perform in the main show pool which is surrounded by an arena style seating.

Dolphin therapy for people with psych emotional problems is another program that Almaty Dolphinarium offers.

Other Therapies Include:

  • Dolphin therapy for pregnant women
  • Psych relaxation with dolphins
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • You can take pictures with dolphins in the water.
  • Diving with dolphins is the most exciting thing that visitors usually prefer.
  • Family dolphin therapy is another family relaxation option.
  • You can also organize your birthday in the Dolphinarium.

The Dolphinarium Shows Happen Thrice In A Day – At 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 For About An Hour Each.

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