Genghis Khan Historical Tour: Tracing the Conqueror’s Path


Delve into the Legacy of Genghis Khan

Experience the legends and history first hand with Minzifa Travel’s Genghis Khan Historical Tour. Journey through time across the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, where the tales of Genghis Khan come alive​​.

Your Passage Through History

Embark on this eight-day historical adventure starting from $1,440, with options for both group and private travel, ensuring a journey that fits your vision and budget (​.

Legendary Cities and Living History

From the bustling bazaars to the palace of the Bukhara Emir, immerse yourself in the places touched by the great Khan. Enjoy the national cuisine, cultural exchanges, and the hospitality of the East that has been a hallmark of the region since the times of Genghis Khan​ (​.

Share the Adventure of a Lifetime

Take part in a tour that’s not just about seeing but experiencing. Join a community of explorers who share your passion for history and adventure​ (​.