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For anybody with an enthusiasm for horse riding, horse riding treks in Kyrgyzstan are just the best adventures you can go for. Riding high into the astounding Mountains of Heaven, following in the strides of warriors, migrants and a thousand Silk Road brokers, you will encounter life well beyond the stresses of humanity in a standout amongst the most unblemished unspoilt areas left on earth.

The pristine and genuine Silk Road trail will take you on an energizing and adventurous course from one of the final awesome Silk Road caravanserais at Tash Rabat through the Altai district to the excellent lake Son Kul. Riding through these remote mountain regions will make sure to make you feel like the genuine Silk Road voyagers.

Best Places To Experience Horse Riding

Sarychelek National Reserve has stunning lakes on high mountains encompassed by dense backwoods and nut woodlands. The primary entrance is in Arkyt town. You can reach there by foot or on a horse, it’s from the neighbouring Kara-Suu valley or from Talas valley.

Song Kol is a lake encompassed by mountains with jailoos in summer. From Kyzyl Art to Song Kol lake takes 1 to 3 days. There are various horseback riding route joining the area. It’s likewise simple to discover yurts to for medium-term stays.

Alay, in the south of Kyrgyzstan, offers horse riding around icy masses, high rough mountains secured with the slants of canyons canvassed in pine trees and a stream roaring down underneath. On the south side, you may find an extensive field along the foot of Lenin Peak (7134 m. alt.)

Karakol area, near the east shore of the Issyk Kul lake. Also called as Terskey Ala-Too mountain go (up to 5100 m. elevation). The region offers an interesting trip on horseback. It is easy to traverse 3800 meters there, however, you must be well fit and arranged for this genuine adventure.

Chong Kemin is a piece of a national Park found north of Issyk Kul lake. The north side is secured with pine backwoods, while the south is more dry, offering huge green fields and snowfields. High elevation horse riding is always available here.

Arslanbob has the greatest walnut woods on the planet. Picturesque view, lakes, mountains. Be that as it may, you can’t encounter Kyrgyz travelling life here. Since most shepherds live in the cottages down in the town. They likewise have great 3 multi-day horse riding visits around the town and some extended route that achieve Toktogul territory and Kazerman city.

Tashkurgan You can converse with local people on the off chance that you need to ride horses. You can see Tajik towns, shepherds, waterways et cetera

Essentially anyplace is extraordinary outside of Bishkek and Osh. All things considered, a few spots are superior to others, and the accompanying are some delightful spots where horse riding and yurt stays can be arranged easily.

In the event that you are in the area in July, don’t miss the At Chabysh horse celebration at Peak Lenin. Book your tour now. Call us or visit our website to book your horse riding tour to Kyrgyzstan.

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