Interests for Tourists in Navoi Region


Sightseeing in Navoi region of Uzbekistan

What is interesting for tourists in Navoi region? – you ask? A lot! Navoi region of Uzbekistan is notable not only for location of many enterprises of mining, gold mining, chemical industries of the country, but also for the unique cultural monuments, which will be very interesting for tourists coming to Uzbekistan.

Sarmyshsai natural boundary and its petroglyphs. On the southern slope of the Karatau mountain range, which is the northernmost spur of the Tien Shan Mountains, is located tract Sarmyshsai, in which were found about 5000 rock paintings dating from the late Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Here one can find pictures of everyday life, hunting, flora and fauna of that time. It is quite impressive to see the increasing detail in the cave paintings as they appeared in later periods.

Another object of tourist attraction in Navoi region is the spring Chashma, which is located in Nurata district of the region. Chashma is one of the most full-flowing springs of the country, from it pours out every second from 200 to 400 liters of water, the temperature of which does not change neither in summer nor in winter – 19 degrees Celsius. Water from this spring supplies the entire Nurata district center running through the reconstructed system, and, by the way, is considered “holy” water among the population of Uzbekistan and beyond. It should be noted that it is with this spring that the name of the entire center is connected – Nurata, which means “ray-father” or “father of light”, because in summer at dawn, when the sun’s rays only hit the ground near the spring, the water in it shimmers with all the shades of the rainbow and sparkles, blinding the eyes. Behind the Chashma Spring there is another place of attraction, the ruins of the Nur fortress built by Alexander the Great himself in the 4th century B.C.

In Navoi region there is another place where the traveler should go – Lake Aidarkul. In the vicinity of the lake there is Aidar Yurt Camp where you can feel yourself a bit nomadic, ride a camel, experience what simple life in the countryside means, forget for a few days about noisy cities and their bustle, immerse yourself in fishing, try the unique taste of food cooked on fire and many other things that can be attributed to a colorful stay in a Yurt Camp.

The unknown Navoi region holds many more surprises. Situated between such historical centers as Bukhara and Samarkand, a visit to Navoi region can bring to your trip to Uzbekistan highlights of Uzbekistan’s culture, history and nature!

Welcome to Uzbekistan!

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