Where to go for the Magical New Year 2022?


To Uzbekistan for the New Year!

Do you think it’s too early to ask the question “Where to go for the Magical New Year 2022? Early fall is a good time to decide and even book (Tours, hotels, airfare, and more) already! We’ll tell you why.

Are you still undecided where to go for the New Year in 2022? Of course, rest by the sea, where the warm sun, soft sand, swimming just beckon, but what if you are already bored with this seascape? Go to Central Asia in Uzbekistan! This change of scenery, as well as the culture, customs and urban fuss will not only benefit you, but will open to you a completely new world – a wonderful, beautiful and mysterious world of the East, with its hospitality, cordiality, tranquility, unhurried course of life, filled with centuries-old traditions and history. Uzbekistan can amaze even the most experienced traveler! Moreover, for the citizens of Russia you don’t need a visa to Uzbekistan! But you should think about other points of travel – air tickets, for example.

The best time to decide where to go on New Year’s Eve 2022 is in the middle of summer (which has already passed) or early fall, because the prices of airline tickets to Uzbekistan (and today they occupy the “lion’s” share of the travel budget) will be the lowest. The worst time to buy tickets to Uzbekistan is two weeks before the New Year. In December they can cost half or even two times more! And here is when you can really save on air travel to Uzbekistan – it is in the second week of September! If you missed it then you have until the end of October to buy tickets at a lower or lower price, because at the beginning of November prices start going up quickly, according to the statistics for the past two years. If you decide to wait with buying airline tickets in the hope that airlines will arrange discounts and promotions – then you’re wasting your time. Airlines do not do discounts for New Year and Christmas, because they know that the plane will be full. If you still did not have time to buy tickets, but you want to get a better deal, try to change the date of arrival and departure, for example, instead of departing December 30 – 31 and back January 8 in time for the beginning of workdays, choose to depart December 25 or 28, and back January 6 or 10. The price may be cheaper.

Also, to get the best deals when planning where to go for the New Year in 2022 – it’s important to consider not only the airfare, but also the cost of hotels – in Uzbekistan, for example, the peak tourist season from March to June and then from late August to October. Prices for hotel rooms in winter are really less than in summer. So, you can save on hotel rates, so you can cut out some vacation time in May.

And finally, if the question of where to go on New Year in 2022, is not closed yet, we want to note another huge advantage of choosing Uzbekistan to travel – Uzbekistan is a country where the safety of residents and visitors of the country is in the first place. Peaceful tranquility that honors all Uzbeks is provided by continuous monitoring by law enforcement agencies, of which there are many. You will notice it as soon as you arrive in Uzbekistan, but all this is done solely to ensure the safety of the population, as well as visitors to the country.

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