Karakul 100%! Karakul Fur Coats From Uzbekistan!

Fur coats from Karakul

Traveling around the world, we experience all its beauty and enrich ourselves spiritually and intellectually, bring gifts and fill life with living abundance. Uzbekistan is a journey into a wonderful world filled with the mysteries of history, the pearls of culture and the richness of folk crafts. Did you know that karakul comes from Uzbekistan? It is the “golden fleece” of the East.

Karakul items are in fashion all over the world, because they are beautiful!

Karakul coats

Let’s learn more about this natural material and products made of it.

Karakul fur coats are in demand for their beauty and lightness, tenderness and grace, sophistication and luxury.

Karakul fur coats are valued for the originality of the unique moiré pattern, created by nature from the most beautiful curls. They are warm and practical, look perfect in any weather, give coziness and comfort to their owner, transforming her appearance.

Karakul fur coats suit everyone, the main thing is to choose the right style and color. And where is the best place to do it?

Uzbekistan – home of the caracul

Come to the sources to drink a sip of the purest water! Look for the best karakul where it comes from.

Uzbekistan, more precisely Bukhara is considered the birthplace of karakul. It was here that they started to breed Karakul sheep and dress the skins of young lambs to create luxurious clothes.

Then they began to breed it all over the world. The Afghan and Namibian karakul appeared, and it is even bred in Europe.

A little bit of history about the fur of astrakhan.

In the eighth century, Arab conquerors brought the precursors of the Karakul sheep to Uzbekistan. The animals quickly adapted to the difficult semidesert climate, and a new and unique breed was created. It was impossible not to notice the beauty of curls, fine and velvet fur. Nowadays, Karakul fur is rich in colors and textures thanks to the work of breeders.

If you are in Bukhara, you will definitely enjoy the charm of Karakul products and buy at a seductive price: a fur coat, a fur coat, a vest, and much more.

There are many manufacturers of Karakul products in Bukhara. Our specialists are well aware of the features of each of them and recommend the products of the brand manufacturer Karakul Fur Factory “Karakul Leader”.

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