Rest in Sunny Uzbekistan

Rest in Uzbekistan

Vacation in Uzbekistan includes many components – historical, gastronomic, distinctive, spiritual part… All of them together create a holistic idea of the country. But before you come to the magical, “naturally irresistible” Uzbekistan, you need to understand if you want to go here, and what are the advantages of this Central Asian country?

What is appealing about holidays in Uzbekistan?

Before describing what awaits you on vacation, I will briefly describe how attractive vacation in Uzbekistan for foreign nationals. Uzbekistan does not need a visa for citizens of the following countries: Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. At the time of entry into Uzbekistan, citizens of the above countries must have a valid passport. Since April 1, 2017 Uzbekistan cancels visa regime with 27 other countries.

Next, vacation in Uzbekistan is safe! Despite the fears of citizens of some countries, the change of power in Uzbekistan has not caused any incidents. The people are very friendly. And as for the safety of citizens and guests of the country – it is at the highest level!

Service – Tourist potential of Uzbekistan is growing before our eyes, respectively, the quality of services is growing too! Let’s not twist our hearts, it is not at the highest level everywhere, but with the help of government in the tourism industry of the country are making big shifts for the better, and very soon the quality of services provided by restaurant and hotel complexes will be even better!

Now let’s look at the benefits of traveling to Uzbekistan in order.

First of all, a vacation in Uzbekistan is not like lying on the beach by the sea on the sand! The sun is plentiful here, but Uzbekistan’s main attraction is historical and cognitive excursions, because every city is a pearl of the East! Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Kokand, Margilan are only few places worth visiting! The history of these cities is more than one thousand years old! The legends are mixed with the facts and cover every corner of the country. Just wander around the old streets of the cities and see the masterpieces of architecture with your own eyes – that’s where to broaden your horizons!

Secondly, a vacation in Uzbekistan will bring you acquaintance with the rich national Uzbek cuisine, dishes that have been cooked here for centuries, recipes that are passed on to generations. Not for nothing that Uzbek pilaf and traditions associated with it are included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. But if anyone thinks that Uzbek cuisine is only dishes made of meat (although, of course, meat-eaters will love it – one melting in the mouth of meat in a tandyr worth, or, for example, kuzacha-kabob in Bukhara, or juicy shurpa, or dolma mmm. ), but even those who do not eat meat there is something to try (this is a traditional dish of sprouted wheat grains, which are usually cooked almost a day before the Uzbek New Year, the products with pumpkin or greens – mints and samsa, soups without meat, and main courses without meat). Gastronomic diversity within the possibilities of the region!

Thirdly, a trip to this Central Asian country will introduce you to a world of culture quite different from the one you live in. Uzbekistan people are very fond of communication! With fire in their eyes they can haggle at the bazaar, listen to the stories of their elders with respect, talk to their friends with a smile. And that disposes to talk to them. Observe the people in their lives and if the opportunity arises, participate in events, go to festivals, exhibitions, etc. That way you can get to know another country’s culture better.

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