Kazakhstan Group Tour


Do you want to visit new places and meet new people around the world? Do you have a dream to travel like a free bird?

If yes, then Kazakhstan group tour is the best way to fulfill your dreams. You can travel and roam around the most beautiful fascinating sights and cities of Kazakhstan, take a look at the wondrous mountains and other landscapes. If you join Kazakhstan group tour, then you will have some plus points. Group tours best for minimizing traveling expenses and meeting new people in the journey, making new friends all over the world.

Start your tour of Kazakhstan in Almaty, the southern capital and bustling city full of cute cafes and museums.

Kazakhstan Has Some Of The Most Beautiful Group Tour Places

Make your best Kazakhstan tour even more unforgettable with journeys to strange places. Baikonur is the city in Kazakhstan, situated on the Northern bank near the Syr Darya river. So you should start the Baikonur group tour with a tour guide.

Lets Find Out, Why Baikonur Is Famous Worldwide?

Baikonur is very famous all over the world because of its launching site for spacecraft orcosmodrome, the place of many spacefaring achievements like the first operational ICBM, the launch of Sputnik and the launch of the first manned orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin. Baikonur makes for a fabulous vacation for this rocket launch facility is used for launching spaceships and satellites from all around the world.

Baikonur is constructed near the village of Tyuratam, the name still used by the railway station, and was known as Leninsk until retitled by Yeltsin in 1995.

When you visit Baikonur, you should go for the Soyuz launch tour at BaikonurCosmodrome, a unique experience where you will see a manned rocket launch.

Baikonur group tour is an exciting tour,firstly, take the flight to Kyzyl-Orda from Almaty. And after reaching, you will be transferred to Baikonur which is a 3-hour journey with a distance of 240 km.

The next day meet your guide to visit and roam the whole Baikonur city, where you should visit the Museum of BaikonurCosmodrome History, a memorial to rocketeers, Yuri Gagarin monument & local squares. Stop at Soyuz rocket model.

Next day, visit the BaikonurCosmodrome and the memorializing houses of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, and Sergei Korolev, a pillar of practical astronautics and lead Soviet rocket engineer during 1950-1966.

Kazakhstan group tours are perfect for those who want to experience and feel the most popular spots with like-minded travelers from around the world while letting us handle the organization. Group tours are perfect for creating your schedule, to make the best and exciting Kazakhstan tour possible.

Visit Kazakhstan and make your fantasy come true.Contact us/ call us/visit us to get the best tour packages for your fun-loving group.

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