Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Group Tour


Discover the antiquated city and the migrant lifestyle in Kyrgyzstan, witness how individuals live as one with nature proceeding with traditions that have been passed down the generations for centuries in Central Asia.

UNESCO World Heritage status has been granted to Uzbekistan for its well established urban communities: Bukhara, Khiva, and Samarkand, ostensibly the gem in the nation’s astonishing crown.

Bishkek – Tossor Yurt Camp

Begin withBurana Tower close to the town of Tokmok. The minaret from the eleventh century is the main outstanding working from the old town of Balasagun, the previous capital of the forceful Karakhanid realm.

You can stroll up the winding staircase and appreciate a pleasant perspective of the Chuy valley. There is additionally a little outdoors exhibition hall with “balbals”, cut stone figures utilized as monuments.

Tossor – Kochkur- Song Kul Lake

Drive to Lake Issyk Kul, the second-biggest mountain lake on the planet, after Titicaca. Situated at an elevation of 1600m, it is a somewhat saline lake with no outlet, encompassed totally by the Tien Shan Mountains.

It is rumoured that ruins of an old trade centre from second century BC can be found underwater.

In Kochkor, visit any workshop where local women produce carpets from felt.

Visit any workshop in Kochkor, where neighbourhood women deliver floor coverings from felt.

Depart towards another mountain lake – Song Kul, the precipitous lake on the height of 3016 meters above the ocean level. The lake isn’t extremely distant from Kochkor, yet because of the awful street condition, it will, in any case, be a very long and rough journey to the lake. The wanderers pass their late spring on the “jailoo” (summer field) with their animals.

You can see groups of steeds and sheep munching on glades brimming with Edelweiss. On the off chance that you like, you may go for a short horse ride. You can taste “kymyz” and watch the shepherd’s significant other baking bread and preparing cheddar

Osh City Tour – Fergana In Uzbekistan

Visit the Suleiman Mountain nicknamed as Kichi-Mecca (Little Mecca), is a major place of Muslim and pre-Muslim pilgrimage. At the peak of the mountain, there is a stone shelter called as Babur’s House. It was rumoured that prophet Sulaiman was buried here, but even before it was a place of pilgrimage for local people.

Surrounded by the Tien Shan mountain range and watered by tributaries of the Syr Darya River, is the Fergana Valley this is the most fertile part of Central Asia. Since the time of Alexander the Great and throughout the time of the Great Silk Road it was a rich oasis.

Tashkent – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkhand City Tour

Tashkent is the biggest city in Central Asia and one of the oldest. Unfortunately, in an earthquake in 1966, most of its historic buildings were destroyed. Nonetheless, a couple of structures strikingly at the Khast Imom Complex have survived and the complex contains antiquated Quran book of Caliph Uthman (from the seventh century!) and the mausoleum of the Islamic holy saint, Abu Bakr Kaffal Shashi

Visit the walled internal city area of Khiva called Ichan-Kala. This old area of town preserves in excess of fifty notable monuments and many old houses going back several years.

As you stroll through the huge city entryways, you are confronted by the sparkling Islamic beacon, the Kalta-minor Minaret. Appreciate wide perspectives of Old Khiva on the Kunya-Ark Citadel.


Bukhara is an essential exchanging post and you have various chances to see customary Uzbek items being purchased and sold. The Old Town has been very much preserved and is loaded with mosques, minarets, and madrassas.

Its once infamous waterways and pools, the wellspring of numerous a pestilence, have now been depleted however the most celebrated, Lyabi-Hauz, is still there, a desert spring shaded by mulberry trees at the core of the city.

Nestled within large mountains and lush valleys in their foothills lies many interesting sites and shrines. Prepare for an unforgettable trip and join our Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Group Tours now!

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