Kyrgyzstan’s Holidays in 2022


Kyrgyzstan is an amazing country with good-natured and hospitable people. Tourists who have been to Kyrgyzstan at least once know that the inhabitants of the eastern state can turn any day into a colorful and unforgettable holiday. But if you are going here for the first time, and you want to get to a real Kyrgyz event, pay attention to the following dates.

New Year in Kyrgyzstan

It is celebrated from December 31 to January 1, like in most countries of the world. In Kyrgyzstan, the holiday appeared only during the Soviet period and was immediately loved by the locals.

Today, Kyrgyz people look forward to January holidays: they buy gifts in advance, decorate the Christmas tree and their homes, and remember the tastiest family recipes. People in Kyrgyzstan celebrate the New Year at home with family and friends.

The New Year’s table in Kyrgyzstan is a very surprising sight. There is the national beshbarmak with manty, and everyone’s favorite Olivier. Adults try to please children, invite Santa Claus and create a fabulous atmosphere. After the official greetings, the Kyrgyz go outside to enjoy the holiday with their neighbors.

Christmas in Kyrgyzstan

It is celebrated on January 7. There are a million Orthodox Christians in Kyrgyzstan, so this holiday is not neglected. There are services in Orthodox churches, services on Christmas Eve, and a lavish table, just like in other countries. The Kyrgyz table for Christmas must include kutya, which is made from wheat, poppy seeds, dried fruit, honey, and nuts.

International Women’s Day

Or March 8. The original meaning (the active struggle for women’s rights) is almost forgotten, and on this day, women are congratulated on a spring holiday. There is no definite pattern to the celebration either: the Kyrgyz invite guests, go to the countryside, or celebrate with the whole family.


It is celebrated on March 21. What holiday is especially celebrated in Kyrgyzstan? The Day of vernal equinox according to the solar calendar. Since 1991 Nauryz is considered to be one of the most favourite holidays in Kyrgyzstan: it was not forbidden even during the Soviet period, but it was not celebrated as well.

The Kyrgyz associate Nauruz with the theatrical performances that take place in every town square. Hippodromes hold horseplay, and adults and children sing folk songs and share legends at home. The main holiday dish is sumolok porridge: wheat, barley, walnuts, raisins, flour and apricots. Its preparation is a mystical and sacred ritual for the Kyrgyz.

Constitution Day in Kyrgyzstan

It is celebrated on May 5. There are no celebrations on this day in Kyrgyzstan, but locals celebrate it every year with friends and family: they go to the lakes and mountains or stay in town.

Kurman Eith and Orozo Eith

These are Muslim holidays whose dates depend on the lunar calendar. The Kyrgyz on these days want to go to the mosque, invite guests to the house, and try to treat the poor. The holidays are celebrated lavishly, but in addition to merriment, it is customary to reflect on one’s deeds.

Independence Day in Kyrgyzstan

It is celebrated on August 31. In 1991, Kyrgyzstan became a sovereign state. And since that year, on the last summer day, concerts and performances with the best music and dance groups have been held on the country’s main square.

May holidays

Kyrgyzstan also celebrates May Day, May 1 and May 9. Demonstrations, festivities, sporting events, fireworks, and concerts follow the same pattern as in other post-Soviet countries.

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