Tours to Uzbekistan for cards. Why is it better to go to Uzbekistan?

visa card Uzbekistan

New life dictates new rules, and in 2022 one of the most desirable tourism destinations for Russians is Uzbekistan. Tourists are attracted not only by the color and atmosphere, history and architecture, national cuisine and tours, but also by the opportunity to get a bank card Visa. You can also buy a tour to Uzbekistan for the card on the website of Minzifa Travel!

Why Uzbekistan?

Since today it is impossible to get a Visa and Master Card in Russia, we offer to combine business with pleasure. Tour to Uzbekistan for bank card is in demand among Russians, and all because it has a lot of advantages:

  • attractive prices – a tour to Uzbekistan for bank card will cost Russians much cheaper than tours to other foreign countries;
  • simplified covid regime: vaccination certificate / PCR-test (2 days before departure);
  • affordable processing – you only need a passport;
  • speed of processing – only 1 day;
  • Universality of card replenishment;
  • Russian “Mir” cards work in Uzbekistan, so you can come with cash;
  • customer service in Russian;
  • convenient online banking application;
  • all documents for registration are prepared by a local company.

What will it take?

Despite the fact that the registration of the card requires a minimum of time and effort, upon arrival in the country Russians need to perform a number of actions:

  • exchange rubles for sums;
  • register at a hotel and get the appropriate certificate;
  • get a SIM-card of the local mobile operator (you will need to confirm the operation with messages).
    Unlike most other countries, in Uzbekistan Russians do not have to worry about a long-term rental agreement and a minimum monthly deposit. Every citizen of the Russian Federation can get a bank card.

Tours to Uzbekistan in 2022 for the cards is fast, easy and inexpensive. However, it is worth realizing that the Russians will have to issue not one, but two cards. One – the main international: Visa/Master Card. The second – Uzcard: a card intermediary for the purchase of currency and its transfer to the main card. Approximate cost of registration of Visa/Master Card – 400 rubles, and Uzcard – 200 rubles. Both cards are issued to Russians for up to 3 years, and upon arrival in Russia, citizens must inform the tax authorities about opening an account in a foreign bank.

A rich card tour with Minzifa Travel

Tour to Uzbekistan for the card can be even more exciting and productive if you diversify it with exciting trips around the country. Since it takes 1-2 working days to obtain two cards, and tourists have a lot of time between trips to the bank, we suggest to go on one of the most interesting excursions from Minzifa Travel!
During a tour to Uzbekistan from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities you can have time not only to get a card and buy foreign currency, but also:

  • get acquainted with Tashkent. The capital of Uzbekistan is sure to surprise even the most sophisticated tourists! Visit the square of Amir Temur, have a walk through Chors bazaar, see Kukeldash and Barak-Khan madrassahs, look at the Independence Square;
  • Go on an excursion to other cities in Uzbekistan. Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva – Minzifa Travel is glad to offer tourists signature tours of any length;
  • shopping. In every city of the eastern state there are colorful bazaars, where you can buy jewelry, painted carpets, designer clothes, delicious sweets.

Because any banking transaction involves unforeseen nuances, Minzifa Travel can always arrange for a professional escort to your local bank and assistance in processing the card. If you have any questions, please contact us on WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail We will gladly help you to arrange a tour to Uzbekistan for a Visa card and offer the richest tourist programs!

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