Kyrgyzstan’s national cuisine or tastes of Kyrgyzstan

Meals in Kyrgyzstan

No matter how much fun a trip is, no matter how full the program is, and no matter how great the mood is, the impression of the country will not be complete until you get acquainted with its national cuisine. Fortunately, the gastronomy of Kyrgyzstan knows how to amaze!
On tours with Minzifa Travel no traveler will go hungry. Explore the cuisine of Kyrgyzstan, taste the most delicious dishes and respect your taste buds.
At the crossroads of the Silk Road – in the heart of Kyrgyzstan – sedentary and traditional nomadic culture came together. That’s why it’s so easy to find recipes from all over Central Asia in the national cuisine of Kyrgyzstan.

Features of Kyrgyz cuisine

Despite the close connection with neighboring peoples, all recipes of the cuisine of Kyrgyzstan have distinctive features:

  • meat. This is the main and most favorite ingredient of most dishes. Yak or horse meat, beef and lamb are especially revered by local cooks and housewives. The reason is the traditions of nomadic people;
  • dairy products. Since cattle breeding is not only meat but also milk, Kyrgyz people make cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese in large quantities. Prepared dairy products become both a solo dish and an important part of the national delicacies;
  • vegetables. For the most part, the dishes of Kyrgyzstan are food that is quite heavy. There’s meat, dough, and lots of fat. To make up for the balance, the Kyrgyz eat a lot of fresh vegetables: they are also added to prepared dishes;
  • condiments. It is still not clear what is the reason for the Kyrgyz love of spices. Either hot blood requires spicy and spicy dishes or spices are what make the locals so bold and bright. But the fact remains. Only rare Kyrgyz dishes do without spices;
  • freshness. Even in the pictures of Kyrgyz national cuisine recipes, you can see that the Asian country’s chefs are skeptical of quick recipes and famous fast food. Kyrgyz people always buy only fresh food and do not stock up on it. At the same time, the people are bread-eating, and there is always something to treat their dear guests at home.

What to try in Kyrgyzstan?

As in any other country, restaurants in Kyrgyzstan have plenty of Italian, French, American, Caucasian, and Russian dishes. But if a tourist comes to Kyrgyzstan for the first time, he should still start acquaintance with the Asian country with one of the national dishes:

  • beshbarmak. The traditional dish is a minced meat with broth, onions, and noodles. The name is translated as “five fingers”, and therefore the national deliciousness should be eaten with the hands;
  • pilaf. Every village in Kyrgyzstan keeps its own special recipe for the Asian dish. Usually, pilaf is made of meat, carrots, and rice. But sometimes garlic, nuts or raisins are added to it;
  • Lagman. Another meat dish which is popular outside of Kyrgyzstan as well. It is prepared with boiled noodles, vegetables, and meat. Depending on the village and the season, the recipe for lagman may vary and be supplemented;
  • manty. This Asian dish has Chinese roots: the dough is stuffed with beef or lamb with onions and boiled. Sometimes pumpkin is added to the stuffing, and the finished yumminess is served with vinegar;
  • samsa. This is a puff pastry, the main filling, of course, is meat. The dish is baked in a tandoor or oven, adding potatoes and pumpkin to taste. Most often samsa can be found at the market, the most common street food option in Kyrgyzstan;
  • kurdak. A prime example of the Kyrgyz people’s love of spices. It is one of the main items on the menu, which is prepared with meat, onions, potatoes and a wide variety of spices;
  • ayran. Not a dish, but a fermented dairy product: a thick mixture similar to yogurt.

To taste all the cuisine of Kyrgyzstan, you should come to the country for an indefinite period of time. But if your time in Kyrgyzstan is limited, you can safely try whatever you see: traditional Asian delicacies will not leave anyone indifferent!

Every Minzifa Travel tour includes time to visit, if not a restaurant, then a colorful market with national dishes. Get ready to add to your list of favorite delicacies! If you have any questions, please contact us on WhatsApp, telegram or e-mail We will do our best to make you remember Kyrgyzstan as the most hospitable and “tasty” country!

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