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Although relatively unpopular among the tourist fraternity, the region of Central Asia has been fascinating travellers for ages. The cities and regions around the famous Silk Rod route grew in prominence and became wealthy. This attracted rulers of various dynasties and the region as a whole became a melting pot of cultures and traditions. In our Tajikistan combined tours, you’ll explore the mountainous regions of Tajikistan and the Silk Road cities in this country, as well get to explore the beauty of the neighbouring countries.

Tajikistan In Detail

The region of modern day Tajikistan is at least 4th millennium BCE old. The earliest recorded history emerges from 500 BCE when majority of the area was part of the Achaemenid Empire. Before it became part of the Achaemenid Empire, it was a section of Kambojas. Later it got annexed to the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom after Alexander the Great conquered the region. But the northern part of the country was part of the Sogdia civilization who facilitated trade through the region and as a result cities like Khujand and Istaravshan became major trading centers. The region was also temporarily under the control of Tibetan Empire, Hephthalite Empire, and Kushan Empire. During the Kushan Empire, multiple faiths were practised in the region including Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Nestorian Christianity et cetera. Genghis Khan with his Mongol army too made a mark in Tajikistan during the early 13th century when he took control of almost all of Central Asia. Later Khanates and Emirates of Bukhoro and Kokand were the rulers of Tajikistan. Lately, it was the Russian empire who came to the region as part of the Soviet Union expansion activities and formed the Tajik SSR. In 1991 after the collapse of Soviet Union, On geographical front, Tajikistan is a mountainous country located in the Pamir Mountain range. They constitute almost 93% of country’s total area and over 50% of the country is located above an altitudinal range of 3,000 meters. The high altitude of the region and snow capped mountains are the valuable sources for many glacier fed rivers and streams that run through the valleys. The Tajikistan part of Fergana Valley is the most densely populated region of the country where the fertile lands are irrigated by Syr Darya River. Caspian Sea is the only water body Tajikistan is bordered with and is landlocked from all sides.

Our Tajikistan Combined Tour Packages are:

Tajikistan-Kazakhstan Combined Tours

Visit the best of both worlds of Tajikistan and Kazakhstan in this combined tour package. Tajikistan borders with Kazakhstan from the north and is reachable via road.

Tajikistan-Turkmenistan Combined Tour

Visit two countries of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan in this tour package. Both the countries do no border each other, and hence you’ll be either flown or taken via road through Uzbekistan.

Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan Combined Tour

Tajikistan borders Kyrgyzstan from the north. Visit the important cities of both the countries in this single tour package.

Tajikistan-Uzbekistan Combined Tour

Visit the prominent historical sights of both Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in this single tour package.

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