Things To Do In Iskanderkul Lake


Iskanderkul lake is in Fann mountains. It is located between spurs of Hissar range. It is 2.5 km long and 1 km wide being 72 m deep at its deepest, it sits at an altitude of 2,255m above sea level.

It is one of the most magnificent and picturesque places in the Fann mountains. There is almost no marine life in the lake due to the high absorption of minerals and only small loach survive in such waters.

Visit The Historical Sites In The Historical Region Of Surrounded By The Lake

The lake is named after the great military leader and conqueror Alexander

As stated by an old legend, Alexander on his way to India reached Sogdiana state and got hold of its capital Marakandu which was completely demolished. Local dwellers who loved freedom who never wanted to resign declared a war against Alexander and his army. One night provoked Alexander which led his army to penetrate to the dweller’s area, ruined their homes and killed the people.

With the thought of taking revenge, the dwellers attacked Alexander’s army. Alexander ran on his warhorse, Bucephalus running with his warriors but the dwellers kept on approaching Alexander due to which after sometime Alexander found himself on the verge of the cliff, the horse stumbled and both Alexander and Bucephalus forged down into the lake which was recently created on Alexander’s request.

Hike Around The Iskanderkul Lake

There’s a waterfall around 30 minutes climb far from the chalets, local people can point it out for you. Be that as it may, essentially, wherever you look is a climb. To give some more pointers: the President’s Dacha on the opposite side of the lake, the town of Sarytag and the Kaznok valley are justified regardless of your opportunity.

There are springs, and nearby natural life incorporates marmots and camelback creepy spiders. The population of fishes in the lake is very low, however, so you should arrange at the lakeside eatery or carry your own food.

Visit The Village Of Sarytag

There is no open transport, and autos going to the lake are rare aside from on ends of the week. On the off chance that you don’t have your own particular vehicle, you should hire a taxi somewhere close to Dushanbe and Penjikent or Khojand to drive you there. You can likewise climb there from different spots in the Fann mountains.

There is a lot to learn as you explore through different sides of the lake and around the city. Call us or visit our website to know more about the things to do around the Iskanderkul Lake.

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