Things To Do In Tajikistan

The landlocked country of Tajikistan located in the Central Asia, is among the most underrated tourist places in the world. The history along the Silk Road route, gorgeous mountain ranges, stunning lakes, and hospitable people, Tajikistan has got it all, but still it receives way too less tourists as compared to other Central Asian countries. The country holds a lot of undertakings for those who wish to come here.

Below Are The Things You Can Take Advantage Of In Tajikistan:

Hiking, trekking, mountaineering

Almost 90 to 93% of the country is covered with mountains, and half of it in above the elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level. The mountain system of Pamir Alay and Tian Shan run through the country. Mountain ranges of Pamir Alay especially constitute majority of the area, Tian Shan being the minority, only running through the northern part of Tajikistan. The rough and rugged slopes of the mountain are now slowing gaining popularity among tourists after the authorities eased the travel process and improved the travel infrastructure. Fann Mountains which are the western part of the Pamir Alay system are both picturesque and easy to trek. It boasts of about hundred peaks, the highest of them being the Chiminzifatravel.comarga peak at 5,489 meters. In these mountains that are many lakes with year around water. The glacial fed streams are the main source of water for them. At such elevations, you’re guaranteed of snow most of the time of the year, thus making it an ideal skiing spot.

Historical sightseeing

Being located in an ideal location along the silk road route, just like the neighboring Central Asian countries, Tajikistan has many architectural monuments which are painstakingly preserved in these mountain ranges. Majority of the architectural sights are concentrated in the western part of the country in the cities of Penjikent, Khujand, and Istaravshan. There are a number of mosques, fortresses, mausoleums, and monuments which are now mostly in ruined forms. Some of the noteworthy ones are: ancient Zoroastrian city in Penjikent, Khujand Fortress, Historical Museum of Sughd, Sheikh Muslihiddin mausoleum, Kok Gumbaz, Khazrat-i-Shokh mausoleum.


High in the mountains, there are several camping sites where you can spend your night after a tiring hiking trip. Besides the lakes, you can set up your camp, and in the morning you’ll be gifted with a mesmerizing view of the region. Furthermore, several yurt camps and home stays are available throughout the country in the mountains, and a night’s stay is must for anyone visiting the mountains.

Museum tours

Tajikistan has a number of museums in every major city, and the capital Dushanbe has three of them. These not only are of historical interest, but also of arts and crafts. In terms of history, the ancient fortress of Khujand, which has now been turned into a national museum exhibiting important monuments representing the history of the region, is the place to visit. In Dushanbe, Gurminj Museum is known for housing only musical instruments where you’ll come across the most perplexing one.

Pamir Highway Driving

Pamir Highways are the second highest road in the world beginning at Dushanbe in Tajikistan to Osh in Kyrgyzstan. Along the way, it passes through many cities of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

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