Things To Do In Istaravshan

Istaravshan carries the spirit of persistence to the present day. The city citadel’s main gate is a symbol of the town’s insubordination over the odds.

The second largest city in Tajikistan, Khujand is located in the Ferghana Valley on both banks of Syrdaryariver. Named Leninabad during Soviet times the city of Khujand is ground to 163000 inhabitants and worth a visit when in Tajikistan.

Things To Do In Khujand And Istaravashan

Mug Teppe: A Fortress in Istaravshan

Rising above the low-level housing in the area, the Mug Teppe is a grassy, flat-topped hill that once upon a time boasted a fine citadel. It lies in the northeastern part of the city.

When exposed at a specific angle, it looks strikingly impressive from afar and provides a good vantage point from which the visitors can survey the Istaravshan’s mountain horizon.

Shahr-e-Kuhn: Old Town InIstaravshan

The old town of Shahr-e-Kuhn is an intriguing network of mudbrick alleys with water canals running along the centre of the roadway. The old townhouses are tantalisingly concealed from the look that lies behind the straw-and-wattle plastered brickwork.

However, an open doorway occasionally grants a glimpse into the central courtyard adorned and furnished inevitably with roses.

Abdullatif Sultan Medressa: Islamic Site InIstaravshan

Also known as the KokGumbaz or the Blue Dome after its turquoise Timurid dome, the Abdullatif Sultan Medressa is a 15th-century religious school that in the present day offers broad tutoring, including English, to around a hundred Islamic boys.

The Ismail Somoni monument

Located on the left bank of Syrdarya, this new monument stands on top of a hill surrounded by fountains. The main feature of the monument includes the light, music and colour show displayed every evening.

The Masjid Jami mosque

The Masjid Jami Mosque is used for its religious purposes. The Masjid and the Madrassas are located on Bazaar Square.

The Ruins of the X century citadel

The city of Khujand is a proud owner of a small renovated part which contains a museum that displays and describes the region’s history.

The Lenin Statue

The Lenin Statue stands on the grounds once occupied by the Ismail Somoni Statue. The largest Lenin statue not only in Tajikistan but in all of Central Asia is now found in an unmarked park in Khujand. The park lies next to the Tajik war monument after the bridge.

Shop InKhujand And Istaravshan

The Panchshanbe Bazaar

The Bazaar consists of a beautiful Stalin-era building with an excellent place to shop for local food and delicacies.

Bazaar Market in Istaravshan

A town unto itself, the central bazaar is a vast and colourful three-storey triple-arched building that has stalls selling everything from ‘all you ever wanted’ to ‘nothing you need’. The Bazaar indicates the main hub surrounding apron of land.

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