Things To Do In Termez

The Great Alexander is credited as the creator of the city of Termez, nonetheless, there is minimal verification of his entrance. Old Termez lies 12 km west of the modern centre. The stuff of the Hellenistic time span may, regardless, be secured under the layers of the Kushan time period when the settlement developed unimportance. Later it became an invigorated city at Alexander’s chance.

Places To Visit:

Hakim at-Termezi Architectural Complex

By the southwestern dividers of the medieval fortress of Old Termez rise the blue domes of Hakim at-Termezi architectural complex, on the bank of the Amudarya river. Medieval Uzbekistan gave the world numerous prominent people. Among them was Isa Muhammad ibn Savra ibn Musa advertisement Dahhak as-Sulami, referred to in the Islamic world as Imam at-Termezi.

Kyrk-Kyz Hanaka Kyrk-Kyz Hanaka

A well-known legend about beautiful and courageous Queen Gulyaeem portrays that once foreign clans assaulted her lands and vanquished her armed force. Every one of the men of her kingdom was either executed or caught.

At that point the queen accumulated another armed force, however, it comprised just of forty young ladies, the companions of Gulyaeem’s, who was as beautiful and brave as she seemed to be. They put on hauberk, grabbed damask steel swords and mounted fast horses.

Sultan-Saodat Memorial Sultan-Saodat Memorial

In some Termez landmarks rather clear is the soul of ages’ coherence, the memory of the gleaming history of Surkhandarya, honouring the memory of precursors, is Sultan-Saodat Memorial.

Buddhist Cult Centers Koratepa and Fayaztepa

The northwest of Old Termez, on the left bank of the Amu Darya stream, there is a three-head slope. The locals call it Koratepa, which signifies “Dark Hill”. From its southern, the most noteworthy point one can clearly watch the bastion, encompassed by dividers, and the scraps of the antiquated town. The primary archaeological excavation occurred at Koratepa in 1936.

Buddhist Stupa Zurmala Buddhist Stupa Zurmala

Archaeologists showed interest in the structure long back. In as far back as 1926 they turned out with the proposition that it may not be a Buddhist stupa.

Dalverzintepa Site

60 kilometres away from Termez, the Dalverzintepa site, has a unique position among the numerous landmarks of Kushan times in the south of Uzbekistan.

Zartepa Site

As far back as the second century BCE, this old settlement was an expansive trading town, possessing the region of 16 hectares. The dividers that encompassed the town were nine meters thick, and inside the dividers, there was a three-metre wide passageway. Amidst the eastern and western dividers, there were doors with considerable barbicans over them.

The old and new parts of the city of Termez are equally overwhelming. A visit to the ancient city is a must while in Tajikistan. Call us or visit our website to learn all about the things to do in Termez and to book your tour now.

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