Things To Do In Varzob Valley

Varzob Valley is the notable recreational region for Dushanbe inhabitants with numerous amusement regions and picnic spots here. The Valley is located a few km from Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan. There are numerous options for an intriguing end of the week climbing and trekking activities in this valley. The Government of Tajikistan has proclaimed Varzob Valley to be a recreational and tourism zone. Development of numerous tourism foundation ventures is going on.

Climb the hilly flanking Varzob for a decent picnic or an unwinding trip in nature. The rivers slices through the stones and falls down a beautiful valley- – albeit rather limited, the waterway is best crossed by the cable car. In this isolated area, you can spend days finding plant and animal life, and find out about the local culture.

Some Of The Highlights Are:

Basically being in the mountains, like the Pamirs, breathing the fresh air, the staggering scenes and an opportunity to see some tribal villages, including somewhere the general population, speak the antiquated Sogdian dialect.

Following the course of a spotless, quick streaming waterway, with numerous choikhona, eateries and little stops along the banks.

The Route North To The Varzob Valley

This course takes after the main street, with a few deviations, to the extent the Presidential Dacha, at Pughuz, 52km from Dushanbe. Cabs can be booked from anywhere in the city. Minibuses leave from the Vodonasosnaya transport station close to the Varzob bazaar and cement factory, just toward the north of the city. The street passes the bond industrial facility with pictures ofTajik saints on the dividers and afterwards, follows the waterway to the curve denoting the northern fringe of the city.

After 12km the Varzob lakes are reached. These appealing, counterfeit lakes, encompassed by trees are extremely mainstream with nearby people in the summer. There are Choikhona and Shashlyk stalls. It is possible to swim or hire little pontoons(boats). There is a street all around this lake.

The street follows the course of the stream, which keeps running between the precarious lower inclines of the mountains. At regular intervals, there are little stops with kids’ play zones and eateries and Choikhona with canopies facing the river. There are numerous awesome new dachas worked by the new rich. A few houses look like tall tale dreams, with pointed rooftops, turrets, brilliant rooftop tiles and intelligent glass windows – the grown-up toy of the rich Tajiks.

There are a few spots to remain in what were once camps for Pioneers. These are currently private and some are utilized for guests. Call us or visit our website to book your tour to the Varzob Valley and to know more about the things to do in the Varzob valley.

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