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Nukus is probably the most underemphasized city located on the Silk Road route. Compared to its cousins, it gets far less tourists. It is an isolated city surrounded by three different deserts, namely, Kara Kum, Ustyurt, and KyzylKum, cutting it out even more than the rest of the troop. But the current stats don’t correctly reflect its glorious and illustrious past. As per archeological records, it used to be a huge defensive fortress closely guarding the ancient Khorezm, one of the major civilizations in Uzbekistan. Most of those ancient charm is now lost and what remains is some dry desert land seemingly disconnected from the family of marvels along the Silk Road. Nonetheless, there are some significant sights that still remain in Nukus which you cannot afford to miss.

Here Are The Main Sightseeing Spots In Nukus:

Aral Sea

Whenever you happen to be around Nukus, it’s a wise decision to pay a visit to the receding shoreline of Aral Sea, which was one of the biggest inland seas (technically, it’s a lake) but now reduced to 90% of its previous size. It was once host to some prosperous fishing towns like Mo‘ynoq but now much of it has vanished.


It is located 20 km west of Nukus. Before being destroyed by Tamerlane, it used to be the second largest city in Khorezm. Even after being destroyed, several mosques and tombs kept being constructed from time to time which still are present to this day. The restored underground vault of Mazlum Khan Slu Mausoleum, seven-domed ShamunNabi Mausoleum, and Gyaur-Qala fortress are the main sights to be seen here.

Savitsky Museum

Handful number of museums in Uzbekistan can go head-to-head with this marvelous museum which hosts and exhibits a diverse range of unique art collections of Russian artists. It is named after Igor VitalyevichSavitsky, a painter himself, who is highly regarded as the collector of various contemporary art works for this museum. Today, this museum possesses over 90,000 exhibits and is a major point of focus for archaeological and ethnography studies.


It is a small village in the northwestern part of Uzbekistan located along the shoreline of Aral Sea. It used to be a flourishing fishing village where a big fish factory was established exporting fish meat to all territories of former Soviet Union. But once Aral Sea dried up because of irrigation projects that diverted the sources that fed it, it turned into a desert area. The cemetery of fishing boat and closed factories attract tourists from around the country that come here to get a glimpse of the former fishing hub.

The travelers who take the pain to travel to Nukus are not disappointed to get to view the handful of stuffs this outlying town has under its sleeves, especially the Nukus Museum of Art. To know more about the Nukus tour packages, kindly visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

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